Recreative Farm in Pandillo – Vega de Pas


Great opportunity, a particularly attractive haven for children and busines

A romantic mountain valley

With paved road to the entrance of the property, plenty of water, electricity, landline and internet; a rustic farm with a trout river that crosses it. This river forms at one point a small island with a centuries old oak in the middle, a magnificent waterfall, a suitable legalized bridge for 75 tons along a private road which it allows to drive up to door of four of the five buildings that are offered. The main house is located 5 meters from the river (minimum authorized distance) on a wooded lot with over 300 trees or more, including oak, beech, ash and some hollies and hawthorns, abundant grass for animals and a very bucolic view as those a fairytale in a tourist and protected area between the two main paths that connect with Castro Valnera (the biggest mountain on area)

Large flat areas

Although the mountains, river and forest, the estate of over 33,000 m2, has about 10,000 m2 of flat land in a closed view from the outside that allows passage with vehicles to buildings valley. This farm offers a great attraction for tourism related nature business or a beautiful place of private recreation

Great opportunity, exceptional beauty

Less than 4 hours drive from Madrid, this property is a great opportunity, not only for its low price but for its unique beauty and practical impossibility of finding something similar. With minor reforms and completion of the already undertaken whose conclusion has not been able to finish owner, can have a wonder of nature only available to a select few.The area is gastronomically rich and the sea is about 50 km (31 miles), roughly the same distance to Santander city. A local 6 km road invite you to travel such distance by cycling through the sounds o  f the birds and the wind in contact with the trees, connecting you from the door of the farm to Vega de Pas, a little town of great tourist attraction.

LIC zone (protected natural area)

The farm is located in a SCI area (Site of Community Importance) where is currently not permitted the new housing construction, but you can remodel the old buildings, which it offers a unique setting that allows from now onwards the private enjoyment of nature in its virgin state. It offers a total of 5 buildings, one of them is a unfinished building with 2 semi-detached houses and 3 cabins zone style. One of the terraced houses, about 100 m2, is habitable, with concrete roof and all mod cons inside, like hot and cold water, kitchen, bathroom and fireplace, next to a large living room and two bedrooms, plus a fourth storage of two heights of 10 m2 each. The other house is in absence of doors, windows and interior layout; beamed ceiling and pillars of genuine solid oak and roof flakes waterproof stone, once completed, will allow invite friends or family without losing privacy of all or connect them to set a property of more than 200 m2, with porch, gazebo, terrace and large balcony to relax watching the river and vegetation from a comfortable sofa or armchair.

Built with authentic stone pasiego style and two floors each called “cottages” are all in very good condition to rebuild and turn them into beautiful homes, as you can see in the below picture. Two had in the past the function of “reside cabins” and the third cabin has had function of animal stable and haystack, which facilitates keeping horses and other animals if desired. All cabins can be easily remodeled and converted into precious area style houses by investing a little quantity of money, like the one shown wrapped in snow in the below photo. Two of them can be reached up to the door with any vehicle, including trucks, while the third is located about 20 meters high on the west side, which is accessed through a trail and offers spectacular views. The largest cabin (above right picture) is located in a perfect place for your eyes; in the back (west) according to photograph, the river and the beautiful waterfall and the front (south) the river makes a bend and behind it, under such waterfall, there is a small meadow surrounded by beech, forming a little ravine made by water from the waterfall, who channeled it to the river, what shows a visual treat

Mild temperatures all year

Although it is a mountainous area, the farms are located just 420 meters high from see level, which means that the temperatures are mild and pleasant, never extreme, allowing the enjoyment of property in each of the seasons, since the average winter temperature is about one degree higher than that of Madrid. Snowfall, very casual, are of great appeal when they occur, as seen in some of the photos.

Seasons, flora and fauna

Winters are mild and rarely freezing temperatures are reached, allowing spend pleasant seasons in the light and warmth of the fireplace, for example: at Christmas.

Springs offers a symphony of light and color with plenty of water, where the river provides even greater pleasure to the trout that inhabit it and where frequently we are visited by wild animals such as deer, wild boar, squirrels, various types of weasels, birds of all kinds with frequent sightings of vultures who clean the fields of those animals whose age did not survive the winter or sometimes heron perch on the roof of a house trying to surprise the elusive trout; kites, titmice, robins and occasional other animals, rejoice both sight and hearing.

Summers are ideal to get away from the heat of other areas and enjoy beautiful beaches or bathing in the pools of our river, which, although rivers are never private in Spain, this born in a nearby place and has the main entrance from the farm, offering several places to swim in clean and clear water who have not yet contacted to any other persons than you, including the appeal of which is comfortably accessible only to those places from the farm. In addition. Summer is perfect to visits the fishing port of Santander will allow savor dishes products exquisitely cooked sea and always at affordable prices, especially tuna, which has its fishing season in summer and is widely known as “Albacore”.


Autumns, like spring, offer another symphony of color, hardly observable in the same condition from places farther south; diversity of deciduous trees throughout the area produces many shades and colors each more beautiful. It is an area of chestnut and walnut trees that allow planning excursions to collect these fruits which later will roast in the fireplace with oak wood offering an authentic and perfectly seasoned with such wood flavor.

Great opportunity

Although there is talk of a valley, in reality it is 2 farms. However, before buying were three farms, which for practical reasons decided to join two of them forming a single, which means that if interested, can dissociate again.

Without concessions to the mistake, we can say that we are talking about a field of the most beautiful that can be found even if you think the whole planet. As already said, the two farms form a valley that has a single entrance, forming a bend that it obscures the interior from outside the valley, so privacy is warranted from those who do not go inside; an exquisite, private and at the same time well connected bucolic setting, where rain becomes a delicious and where children can be in direct contact with a variety of flora and fauna while they are in their own home. This valley so rich in nature is on sale for a price within the reach of almost anyone.


East side farm of the valley

Estate of over 11,000 m2; It is observed on page 2, which is accessed through the aforementioned private bridge 4 meters wide and suitable for loads of 75 tons .By finishing the main building and rehabilitating the big pasiega cabin (you can connect all three houses into one), you will get an enormous house of around 400 m2 or more in the woods, counting with the same amenities offered any housing in the city. It also has a concrete road over 3 m wide and parking of identical material suitable for 5 cars, but since the road is private, you can park as many cars as you like.


The price of this property is 146,000 euros and as mentioned, it offers a total building surface of over 400 m2, so although unfinished, you can habit the mentioned 100 m2 house while you repair or prepare the property as your own taste: you have water and hot water, electricity, phone with internet and fireplace, among other services, as well as many trees including oak, beech and ash trees, which comes out for something less than 13.3 € / m2 counting the buildings, the road, the parking and the proportional part of the bridge and gateway.


Farm on the west side of the valley

This farm, about 22,000 m2, is the largest of the two and between the two make up the entire valley, so, although it is possible to buy them separately, if so the charm of having a property that spans the valley would be broken and destroying the privacy of the place. It has two double floor pasiegas cabins; one (used as live house in the past) of 60 m2 and the other (block and barn) of 50 m2, both equally with water, electricity and access to fixed phone along with the waterfall, over 300 trees or more ( I’ve never counted), where most have oak and ash and the proportional part of the bridge and gateway.

The price of this property is 96,000 euros which means has a rate of 4.36 €/ m2, including a total buildind of over 110 m2 in stone 70 cm thick and waterproof roof stone flakes. The living cottage is located on one of the edges of the private road, which provides access to inside parked at the door of it. The other cabin with of block and barn functions, is somewhat smaller (50 m2) but you can rehabilitate and convert it into two beautiful apartments, one on each floor and enjoy views across the valley to the side of large oaks you have, hollies and right next to the waterfall. Reiterating what has been said, all cabins have connections for electricity and telephone access.




Farm 1 – 146.000 Euros

  • House 100m2, unfinished but habitable and all services: electricity, hot and cold water, telephone, etc..
  • Two-storey house in the absence of doors, windows, interior, with 2 large rooms, hall, terrace, balcony, etc.
  • Two floors cabin of 11 x 6 m (136 m2) plus a detached 3 x 8 m (24 m2) Total 160 m2 authentic stone wall.
  • Access by private bridge 7 x 4 meters prestressed concrete suitable for loads of 75 tons, legalized.
  • Prestressed concrete walkway in front of the large cabin, legalized and including all materials, but unfinished.
  • Private road and concrete parking on the east side.
  • Meadow of about 1,500 m2 surrounded by trees along the river.
  • Island about 200 m2 with old oak trees and with easy access to river water for bathing.
  • Many trees on the property, including oak, beech and ash trees.


Farm 2 – 96.000 Euros

  • Beside the road living cottage 2 floors and 60 m2 in total
  • Functions block and barn on 2 floors cabin on the western slope of about 50 m2 in total
  • Private gravel road from the farm gate to the bridge
  • 200 trees or more, including oak, beech and ash trees, along with some hollies and hawthorns
  • 800 m2 prairy across the river with access from the catwalk
  • Waterfall with high cabin