Real Estate Investment in Castilla La Mancha: Stately villa for sale in Galápagos Guadalajara


Guadalajara is a city located in Spain, is the capital of the homonymous province, in the autonomous community of Castilla-La Mancha, is less than an hour from Madrid and has a continental Mediterranean climate, with and short and hot summers. This imposing city, which has a large presence of fauna and flora, was founded by the Arabs, and today as a result of the population saturation of Madrid and the growth of its metropolitan area has caused Guadalajara to become an industrial city And at the same time the bedroom of the capital of the country, which has generated the improvement of communications between both cities and the industrial expansion of Guadalajara. According to the most recent figures, 12.01% of the population is foreign, dominated by Romanians, Moroccans, Peruvians, Chinese and Bulgarians who have been attracted by social welfare and have decided to invest in a property in this area, for example in this spacious and attractive villa that is for sale with a total of 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and with a really attractive price for both local and foreign investors.

It is also important to note that in Spain mortgage loans have been increasing steadily, and for the month of September a total of 22,150 loans were granted, which can reach 80% of the total cost. It counts on the help that the banking entities are offering today to realize this type of investments. It is also of great importance to point out that Guadalajara is one of the areas of the country where life expectancy is highest, since it reaches an average of 83.28 years.

8 reasons to invest in Guadalajara – Castilla La Mancha

1- Strategic location in the center of the Iberian Peninsula

Castilla-La Mancha is a region that is located in the center of Spain and is surrounded by seven major regions, including: Madrid, Andalusia, Castile and Leon, Aragon, Valencian Community, Extremadura and Murcia.

Guadalajara is an imposing city and its strategic location make it an excellent city to invest in real estate

2- Less than an hour from Madrid and the main markets

This region, as a result of its strategic location, is surrounded by more than 60% of the population of Spain, in a market where more than 28.6 Million people live.

3- One of the highest life expectancies in the country

The average life expectancy was recently 83.28 years, placing it as one of the highest in the country.


4- Infrastructures in excellent condition

This area has a communications network of excellent quality, which has fostered the interconnectivity between each of the nearby provinces, in order to benefit the transport of goods as well as that of people. Not only through its extraordinary network of roads, but also through its conventional and high-speed rail network (AVE).

5- Space and industrial land available

In this area, the industrial floor is large and of the best quality. The approach of a large number of industrial estates makes it count with all the services and both the regional and local institutions have always demonstrated their willingness to make easier the establishment in Castilla La Mancha of the companies that are necessary.

6- Highly competitive prices

The workforce in this important region of Spain is not only comprehensive but also specialized, which greatly favors the competitiveness of the companies that have been installing in this area.

7- Important support from the Regional Government

The Regional Government has always bet heavily on the industrial and business development of this region, and is responsible for developing a series of policies to support those who wish to undertake in this area, such as the PICE Plan, as well Maintains a collaborative attitude so that it is easier to establish new companies in the region.

8- Fluent relationship with the Central Government

Likewise, as the Regional Government has always maintained its support for this region, it is important to emphasize once again that it has also maintained a very good relationship with the central government, which has allowed the development of synergies between both instances to be really favored.

Great investment opportunity: majestic villa for sale in Galapagos, Guadalajara – Castilla La Mancha

Undoubtedly, this region is capable of hosting excellent investment opportunities, which are positively influenced as a result of the proximity that exists between this place with Madrid, as well as the social welfare that exists, thanks to the Quality education in the area and public services, which are first class. That is why today we want to present you an excellent investment opportunity, it is an incredible villa for sale.

Main Features:

Price: 384.999 Euros

For more information contact: +34 689754838

Thus the rear area of the property for sale

– This is a stately villa of prime quality

It has its own parking

– Located in Castilla La Mancha – Guadalajara

– Specific area: Galápagos

house for sale
It has a charming decoration in the best rustic style

– 385 square meters built

6 rooms

This is one of the 6 rooms with the property

– 3 bathrooms

– It has a great swimming pool

1900 m2 of land lit with farlas

It also has its own office or library

– Garden

Spacious and lush gardens in the house for sale

– Garage

It has a relaxing and spacious garden where you can enjoy wonderful afternoons

– 2 fireplaces

– Jacuzzi

– Dining room with ceiling height 5 meters

interior home
Thus the interior of the property

– Fitted wardrobes in all rooms

It has a great view of the city

Kitchen with 100 m2

It also has an equipped kitchen and furnished

– Propane tank buried in street lamps

– Security service in the urbanization

It is undoubtedly an attractive property, not only because of the breadth it has but also because of the quality of its construction, it is now in excellent condition and is fully ready to be inhabited. It has everything necessary to live quietly in this imposing region, since it is located in Castilla La Mancha, the third largest autonomy in Spain.

Home interior
This attractive property has 2 floors where you will find a total of 6 rooms

Castilla La Mancha: 10 places you cannot miss

1- The Cathedral of Toledo

It has been considered one of the most important works of Gothic style in the country. It was built at the beginning of the year 1226 under the tutelage of the reign of Fernando III “The Saint”. However it was completed in the fifteenth century, during the reign of the Catholic Monarchs.

Castilla La Mancha
It has excellent places for tourism, such as the Cathedral of Toledo, the Ruidera Lagoons, the Cathedral of Count, among others

2- Plaza Cuadrada de Las Virtudes

It is located in Ciudad Real, specifically in the town of Santa Cruz de Mudela. One of the reasons that make it a place that you can not miss is that it is the oldest in the country, since it dates from the year 1641. It has also been declared, next to the Hermitage-Sanctuary, as a Historic Complex from the Year 1981. One of the main qualities of the square is that its shape is completely square.

3- Ruidera Lagoons

It is a totally natural and protected area, which is located in Ciudad Real. This park consists of a total of 15 lagoons that are located along the valley of the River Pinilla or as it is also known in the locality: Guadiana Viejo. It is undoubtedly one of the most perfect places to visit during the summer season and take a well deserved rest.

4- Birth of the Mundo River

It is the main tributary of the river Segura, which is born in the Sierra de Alcaraz, specifically in Albacete. Each year more than a thousand people visit this place to see “Los Chorros del Rio Mundo”, which are about some really extraordinary waterfalls and also have a cave of more than 32 km. If you want to visit this place, we recommend you do it during the spring.

5- Mills of Campo de Criptana

Located in Ciudad Real, in the town of Campo de Criptana, are the most famous windmills in the world. Of the ten mills built, only three are originals of the sixteenth century, known as Burleta, Infanto and Sardinero.

6- Cathedral of Cuenca

It is located in the heart of Cuenca, it is also one of the most exclusive buildings of the Middle Ages. The construction of this Cathedral dates from the end of the 12th century and is totally Gothic.

7- Corral de Comedias de Almagro

This is the only corral of comedy that today has been preserved in its entirety. It is located in the Plaza Mayor of Almago, in Ciudad Real, and was declared on March 4, 1955 as a National Monument.

8- Hanging houses in Cuenca

This is one of the most important emblems of the city of Cuenca due to the fact that it was very often that such buildings were built. However, today only a small part of it remains. The best known are just the set of three small houses with wooden balconies, typical of the area and that are really attractive for tourists.

9- Plaza Mayor of Almagro

It is one of the most beautiful squares of Castilla La-Mancha, is located specifically in Almagro, in the province of Ciudad Real. It has a rectangular shape and is full of columns and open galleries open to the outside.

10- Alcázar de Toledo

It is one of the most symbolic buildings in the city of Toledo, the Álcazar is located in a strategic point, in the highest area of ​​the city. It is of Roman origin. It has been considered and conceived from its beginning as a great fortress.

It is an area with great social welfare

Education, health and social services are paramount in the region, with at least 28 public schools and about 18 private schools. At the same time, there are about 13 public childcare centers, 16 primary schools, which can also provide children’s education, 3 primary education centers and ESO, that is to say where there can also be education for children, 8 centers Of ESO and baccalaureate and FP, 4 primary schools, ESO and high school / FP, a special center for special education and a specific center for adults.

Important and recognized universities also make life in the place, among them the University of Alcalá de Henares, the University of Castilla-La Mancha, The National University of Distance Education.

Also in terms of health care we can highlight that it is divided into primary care in outpatient clinics and clinics and specialized care in hospitals and specialized centers.

US teachers interested in investing in logistics in Guadalajara

TH Real Estate has announced a few days ago that they will launch their second fund which focuses on the logistics area of ​​Europe. It is the European Logistics Fund (ELOF) which plans to have a portfolio of at least 400 million euros in assets, which are located mainly in Spain, France, Italy and the Netherlands.

This firm is a division of TIAA Global Asset Management, which is a pension fund of professors from the United States, which was generated by Andrew Carnegie in 1918. This firm is one of the managers of Major real estate investment in the world and is responsible for managing assets at a cost of approximately $ 97 billion, over a range of around 80 funds.

This logistic fund has managed to capture up to now a capital that is currently around 200 million euros, a figure that has been achieved since it began its commercialization in the middle of March this year. The main purpose of this fund is to raise capital close to 250 million euros by the end of each year. Investors today are, among others, insurance companies, banking entities and pension funds which have formed a group of between eight and 10 investors.

In the country, TH Real Estate has become one of the big owners of shopping centers. For the month of August, they were in charge of selling the complex known as L’Aljub (Elche, Alicante). In its portfolio of investments is also the Blue Island in Madrid, as well as Nervión Plaza in Seville and Espacio Coruña. In addition, they have also developed the Viladecans The Style Outlet project. In the case of the logistics sector, they own 43,000 square meters in Alovera (Guadalajara), in the vicinity of the A-2, one of the main logistics locations.

7 million euros have been invested in a microbrewery in Guadalajara

Mahou San Miguel recently invested a total of 7 million euros in order to start a pilot plant that will be in charge of the research, as well as the development of a series of new products and formats in its Alovera production center in Guadalajara with the purpose of producing the brewing craft Founders in the country.

Briefly, the microbrewery was built last year and in addition to being the Founders pilot plant for the country, Casimiro Mahou’s line is being produced there, as well as another line of packaging of miniseries and special beers.

Investing in this place is undoubtedly investing in the future, since it is an area that has been growing gradually and will continue to do so, and which has also been influenced in a very positive way by its proximity to Madrid, A quiet area, constantly growing and where there is no doubt there are important investment opportunities such as the majestic villa.

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