Investors are inclined to buy Rural hotels in Quintana Roo Mexico


This is one of the most important states of Mexico, since it is just one of the most investment property receives as a result of its location, high rate of tourists every year, as well as the main tourist destination in Mexico and Caribbean. It is located east of the Yucatan Peninsula, on the border with Central America and borders the state of Yucatán to the northwest and north with the Gulf of Mexico. Also in this area you can also make the best real estate investments, as it has impressive rural houses and hotels for sale

Why invest in Rural Hotels in this area?

1- Geographical location strategic. We are the closest point to Europe from Mexico, Africa, Central and South America and the east coast of the United States and Canada; we are the gateway to Central American countries, as our capital is located 17 kilometers from the border with Belize.

2- Developed logistics network with excellent international, road and air connectivity port, we have three international airports, 12 airfields and more than 5,500 kilometers by road as well as 5 major cruise terminals and 2 ports for shipment of goods.

3- The Cancun International Airport is the most important country in international travel; It has a movement of more than 19 million passengers a year.

4- Tourism Industry first world with a hotel offering more than 90,000 quarts, and an influx of more than 14.9 million domestic and foreign tourists per year.

5- It has a tourism market potential of about 3,000 million dollars annually, which displays the high business potential in the state, in the sectors: agribusiness, fisheries, forestry and tourism, as well as technological development, education platforms and software development; according to our master plan, Grand Vision Plan 2000-2025.

6- The forest sector has great potential for use with 3.7 million hectares of tropical forests, of which 737,000 have logging permits and 215,000 hectares under management certificate with “Green Seal”.

7- Push and commitment of a young workforce, the economically active population represents 49.1% of the total state population, with a median age of 25 years.

8- Great Potential in specialized Human Resources, since we have an important access to vocational training with more than 15 higher education institutions in throughout the state geography.

9- Extensive infrastructure for the generation of new businesses, with the 10 incubation centers and 3 Integrated Processing Centers and Consulting

10- Quintana Roo is the main tourist destination in Mexico and Latin America at the forefront of the demands of the leading suppliers tourist markets like the US and Canada, and to attract expanding markets such as Europe, Asia and South America.

Amazing opportunity rural hotel for sale in Quintana Roo

We want to highlight an incredible opportunity to purchase a lovely rural hotel in this area that has been showing tremendous growth, among its features we can mention:

It is a Nice Trailer Park of 9 hectares, with cabins, mobile homes, swimming pools and gardens with fruit trees.

Its location is on the road Valladolid Cancún – Benito Juárez – Quintana Roo – Mexico.

  • 8 Bedrooms
  • 10 Bathrooms
  • 91000 m2
  •  € 500000

For more information contact: (+52) 555 403 0033
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La Casa Grande
So looks “La Casa Grande” which is the place bigger room and just the most requested by guests, and also has its own kitchen

One of the main attractions of this place is that it has important water areas, including 3 large pools highlighted. It is located between two villages between Leona Vicario, new Valladolid. The nearest beach is Puerto Morelos, which is located 30 kilometers, it is also important to note that in Puerto Morelos the second reef in the world’s largest coral, another major tourist attraction located very close to the property is located.

Given that the price may be a bit high for some investors want then add information that will surely be useful for those who do not have the entire budget, and this place is about to repeat record in housing loans according with recent reports that the delegation of the Instituto del Fondo Nacional de la Vivienda para los Trabajadores provides that in November the annual target set at the beginning of 2016 12 thousand 300 credits for Quintana Roo is reached and probably exceeded 16 billion approved last year, indicating that there are ample opportunities to receive financial assistance if so requieras in the country.

General specifications Property

The total area of the property for sale are: 9.1 hectares

Its specific geographical location is as follows: On the Federal Highway

Leona Vicario Valladolid Cancún, Q. Roo in the new municipality called Puerto Morelos, which counts today with rapid tourism growth.

Distance to Cancun: 42 km

Playa del Carmen distance: 65 km

Puerto Morelos distance: 40 km

Distance to airport: 48 km

Chichen Itza distance: 170 km

Cobá distance: 90 km

The acuatic area is one of the most attractive 

Which investor who is interested in invest in Real Estate in Quintana Roo surely want to have a wide water area, which is why we want to emphasize that this property for sale has 3 pools, which are in perfect condition, the first one is a shaped pool circulates, the following is a medium sized pool, which is divided into two parts, one of them in a circular motion, while the larger is the bottom irregular shape.

Children and adults can enjoy a family atmosphere and spectacular days in the sun of Mexico
Children and adults can enjoy a family atmosphere and spectacular days in the sun of Mexico

A very important point is that all were remodeled this year, just want to add that the floor is new too, which was remodeled in stamped concrete, which looks wonderful. It also has a number of new slides for the enjoyment of children and adolescents, which leaves us more than clear that this is a completely familiar place.

Specific features of the property

We have already commented on the overall appearance of this Rural Hotel for sale, however there are other points of equal importance and we want to mention, such as:
The bathrooms is important to note that they are located in the aquatic area, there are ladies and gentlemen, every one of them, guests will find a shower, the roof of health is brand new, and the bridge leading to them, which has been built with hardwood.

Restaurant: one of the most attractive points about the restaurant is that it is located right in front of the pools, which allows people to move quickly to the place, in the inner area of ​​the site is a series of tables and chairs those wishing to eat in the shade. The garden area is completely new, since it was placed in February this year. At the entrance to the restaurant is a small pond that adorns the place, while the other will find a number of ancient vases that draw attention of tourists and visitors side.

The restaurant is fully equipped to be used immediately

Asadero: This area also has a Asadero, which is the place where food is prepared, has a BBQ, which was recently acquired and whose brand is prestigious in the market, also it has an industrial stove two-burner boards and two fryers, thus demonstrating that features everything needed for cooking.

The rooms of the property

Being a hotel has different rooms for the enjoyment of all guests, which are distributed as follows:

La Casa Grande: known in English as “the big house” is larger cottage, which has enabled it is also the most requested. It has two levels, as well as with 3 rooms, one located on the ground floor and another upstairs. Outside the room located on the floor above, they will find a beautiful terrace, which is perfect for enjoying the scenery. On the ground floor in addition to the rooms, you will find a living room, dining room and kitchen.

Cottage “Los Portales” This area has one room which has three beds and also has a dining room and a cooking area. Usually this cabin together with the big house are requested by those who want to make a complete camping adventure as they take all the necessary nutrients and prepare their own food.
“Noah’s Ark”: known in Spanish as “El arca de Noé” unlike the other rooms, this one in particular has only one room, in which you will find two beds and a small refrigerator. Usually it is reserved for those whose primary intent is to rest, not cook and enjoy nature.

Each of the rooms have total privacy, which is one of the most important characteristics for our guests
Each of the rooms have total privacy, which is one of the most important characteristics for our guests

Cottage “Casa de Don Luis”: this cabin, is today dedicated for private use, however it is always requested. Just outside of it you will find a tree which is known as “Nance” whose fruit is round, yellow, small, but mostly really delicious! Today that tree is in full production.

Similarly, the hotel has a multipurpose space, which can be carried out virtually any type of event where attendees will also then stay in place and enjoy excellent days. Also you getting stunning gardens that create a unique experience with nature, which can walk at any time of day and feel at home.

Other areas of relevance

In addition to the surprise of many, this place also has a number of mobile homes, and which are also included in the sale, it is three trailers 2006, but they are as new as they were renovated in the year 2015, are fully operational and functional, ie, ready to be used, are parked at the site, allowing them to hook the car before traveling.

There is however one of them, which is precisely the larger you need a couple of repairs and maintenance.

This property also has a large parking lot where guests can host their cars and be totally relaxed about it

Games room: to create a greater attraction to customers there is a room in which you can place video gaming machines, as a kind of additional attraction for customers.

Reception: also it exists in advance a construction in which it aims to make a reception for the hotel, which would be located at the front of the property and which would have a house by the back, which would be connected by a door this area is quite wide, and is all flattened.

Telcel antenna: inside the ground there is a “cell site” Telcel. Which it means that guests will not suffer from bad sign and if that were not enough, Telcel pays rent for having her there.

In addition to the built-up area, which is about 2 hectares, the remaining 7 have worked the way I thought for a track motorcycle wheel, as well as a field of gotcha and in that area there is a cenote (it is a sinkhole flooded home . kárstico several types of cenotes: open, semi-open and underground or cave), ready to start work on it.

There are also a variety of fruit trees, including orange, tangerine, sapodilla, passion fruit, mango, lemon, sour orange, starfruit, coconut, to name a few.

The spacious and tranquil gardens provide guests with the quiet and warm atmosphere looking at any hotel

Because it is forest, mainly in the mornings animals such as wild boars and a variety of parrots are.

All this gives us a very clear picture of Quintana Roo is the ideal place in the Caribbean to carry out real estate investments, so do not miss this important opportunity and invest in this beautiful Trailer Park of 9 hectares, with cabins, mobile homes, pools and gardens with fruit trees.

93% of foreign investments are real estate

The total foreign investments are recorded each year in Quintana Roo, 93% are attracted by the property for sale in this sector, according to Luis Garcia Silva, delegate of the Ministry of Economy (SE) in Quintana Roo.

Compared with 2012 Foreign Direct Investment it received the largest share was the commerce sector and according to the information Pro Mexico, report the SE that promotes investment in Quintana Roo, which emphasizes that the entity presents new business opportunities for logistics and transport communications platform that facilitate market entry.

Each year, major foreign investments are focused on the construction sector contributes 1.7% to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) with 15 thousand 692 million pesos.

García Silva explained that he does not have a comparison of the captured foreign direct investment so far this year, as the report is made semiannually, so it is not yet know if it grew in comparison with 2012, in which a stake of 3% of FDI was recorded nationally. However, the report of the first quarter the economy ministry reported that foreign investment in Real Estate in Quintana Roo was 15 billion dollars.

Foreigners invest more than 215 million dollars this year

Foreign Direct Investment this year will be higher than last year, which was 215.5 million for Quintana Roo, largely will be driven by the property sector which will have a boom not only this year until 2017.

The growth compared to 2015 is due to the depreciation of the peso against the dollar, as the state becomes attractive to Canadian and US buyers purchasing real estate or houses, whether to come to reside or segment “second home,” forward Luis Silva Garcia, delegate of the Ministry of Economy (SE).

The country is extremely cheap and attractive mainly for moving the coins in dollars since buying here now is almost a gift. The currency (peso) urged national 27% against the dollar in less than two years.

In addition to the real estate sector are major investments for the construction of hotels and developments of Spanish chains. In 2015 foreign investments were above the 215 million dollars, mainly from Germany, which detonated 127 million, followed by the US with 23 million dollars.

“We are still gathering information to know what kind of investments were of German origin, although there are funds from the European Union to participate significantly in tourism development and most likely is that the trust is in that country, so statistics FDI identified that are from Germany, “said the delegate of Economy in Quintana Roo.

When investments are no longer recorded low and this removes a large sum, but if you can not quantify there are, therefore participation at the national level is not high; however, the constructions of each year show otherwise.

Quintana Roo surpassed tourism record this summer

According to the Real Estate Expert, Ignacio Acosta Sorge,  an excellent summer holiday season 2016 in Mexico highlighted destinations in the state of Quintana Roo, consolidating the area’s reputation as a leader in the tourism industry. This summer, the Caribbean state of Quintana Roo, which is home to places like Cancun, downtown Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras and Tulum, welcomed the arrival of two million tourists and $ 481 million, according a report by the state government.

This season the upward trend in arrivals of tourists coming to the Riviera Maya continued launched an average occupancy rates 94 percent in hotels, luxury condos and vacation homes are in places like Cancun, downtown Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

According to the statistics and the total volume of transactions that have been announced so far by state authorities, at least two million tourists visited these top destinations this summer. They also indicated that these visitors left an economic impact of more than $ 481 million, which is 12 percent more than the same season last year.

Quintana Roo is the second largest state of the country real estate activity

In the real estate aspect, and specifically in the Plaza de Cancun, the dollar becomes a trigger element, generating a growth of 12% to 15% in sales.
The real estate business both houses and hotels has presented an incredible growth in the area, now investors on both the United States and throughout the European continent have dedicated themselves to purchasing property in Mexico, in addition, there is a significant advantage to respect is that these buyers believe that the quote price dollar to be more accessible to overseas, it makes them a discount on the exchange rate, which gives them a considerable profit, and right now estimates that can have an impact of 12% to fifteen%.
The Mexican Association of Realtors located nationwide Quintana Roo state as the second largest real estate activity in the country, after Baja California Norte.
According to the provisions of the National Housing Commission (CONAVI) for this year in the country an investment of 454 billion pesos related to housing is expected, while government agencies deliver more than 700 thousand loans.

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