Best real estate investments 2017 in Tarragona: Homes for sale near the beach


2017 is the year to enter the real estate business in Tarragona, and what better way to invest in a beautiful property in this Spanish city, which is characterized by being a place with a pleasant climate, with long summers in which to enjoy the Beach is one of the main attractions. In you can find the best advice regarding real estate investments, not only in Tarragona, also throughout the Spanish territory.

Chalet for sale in Tarragona

The sale of houses in Tarragona, is a growing business, thanks to the stability offered by the city, so that each property that is sold, must meet high standards, according to buyers. This villa is one of them, the main features of this property are:

  • It has a land of 662 m2, while the villa is 252 m2.
  • 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.
  • The property, has high standards of construction dating back to 1995, is in line with other prices and with the estate manager of the urbanization.
  • For a cost of 475,000 Euros.
  • More information about this property with Mr. Javier Bes, by means of his email: or his phone number: +34675751864


With beautiful views and very close to the beach, this villa has all the amenities you can imagine:

  • Two store rooms
  • Parking
  • Laundry Room
  • Pool
  • Fitness center
  • Furnished and with appliances installed.
  • One of the rooms was enabled to be used as a studio.
  • Air conditioner
  • Heating
  • Led lights.
  • Thermal isolation.
  • Aluminum windows with Majorcan windows and safety glasses.
  • A beautiful garden with its machinery and special utensils for your care.
  • A comfortable porch.
  • A special place for your barbecues.

In this place will find not only a site with top quality finishes, but a new home.

The property is strategically located

The property is located in a strategic location, just a few kilometers from the best places for recreation: 2km distance between the urbanization and 3 nautical clubs, a club where you practice riding, golf club, and just 10 km a spectacular field Of soccer, the civic nucleus Patrimony of the Humanity, that owns a history and Roman cultural legacy, Port, different commercial centers, also, a university campus; For its transport, a station of buses and railroad. This villa is also located close to a hospital, as well as all kinds of basic services, and places for recreation and entertainment, such as playgrounds, discos and Port Aventura, as well as a gastronomic area with several Michelin stars, Scarce 18 km.

About 4 kilometers from this beautiful house you will find a supermarket where you can stock up on all kinds of necessities and anything else you require for your comfort. And if you want to forget about the kitchen, inside the urbanization there are 4 restaurants where you can enjoy an exquisite meal, in the surrounding areas, there are a variety of them, as well as pharmacies, tennis courts and swimming pools. Within the urbanization there is a Jungle Park, and additional paths for those who like to practice Quad and Trecking. And at 80 km you will find Barcelona and the natural park of the Ebro Delta.

The best features of Tarragona

The capital of the province of Tarragona, a city that during the Roman Empire was one of the main cities of Hispania, currently has more than 130 thousand inhabitants. Located on the Costa Dorada, it bathe in the warm waters of the Mediterranean, with recreation centers and a historical and cultural heritage, make this city the best option to start a new life.

Its privileged climate with average annual temperatures of 17.8 ° C, in summer the maximum temperature does not exceed 30 ° C, giving rise to the hottest days of the year, ideal for enjoying the beautiful beaches. On the other hand, the winters are mild, in which although the snow is present does not fall with enough intensity to cover the ground. An ideal place for those who enjoy the heat but who usually miss the winters.

As for its economy, it is very stable, in fact, the petrochemical complex of Tarragona is the most important in Spain, which generates at least 5,000 direct jobs, and about 23,000 indirect. Its port is one of the main bastions of its economy, which since the 1970s has always figured as one of the five most heavily loaded Spanish ports, including maritime transport of oil and its by-products, coal and cereals.

However, the port and the oil industry are not all in Tarragona, economic and industrial activity is wide and diversified, such as the manufacture of metal or plastic transforms, construction materials; Commerce and educational services related to university life, and especially the business and investments related to the tourist sector of the Costa Dorada, are of vital importance for Tarragona.


Real Estate Businesses in Tarragona

Thanks to its pleasant climate, its stable economy, and its natural beauties, make this an ideal place to invest in acquiring a new house, since in addition, the cost for the acquisition of a house in this city in the year 2014 was 10.3% less than the Spanish average, and for rent, was 2.6% less than in the rest of the country. If you want to know what to do to invest in real estate, here you can find more information.

Another striking fact for those who want to make the best real estate investments in Tarragona is that in the year 2016, as reflected in the Tarragona Diari, the criminal rate was for the first time below 10.000 annual crimes, revealed that there was 23% less domestic violence and 7% less sexist violence. Likewise, this criminal figure represents 3% less than in the year 2015.

You can find many offers of home sales in Tarragona, new, second hand, and also for rent, and this is mainly because thanks to a good economy there is good purchasing power, which causes prices to fall. If you are from another country, you must take into account the steps you must follow when buying a home in Spain.

Education system of Tarragona

If you are considering a good investment property, it is important that you know the educational system of the site you want to move, and that rather than a place that can provide good education to you and your family, in this city, your family’s education happens By all levels of education, to ensure that they train professionals. In Tarragona, there are both kindergartens that are managed by the City Council, as well as private ones, just as it happens with primary and secondary education.

Regarding the professional training of citizens, there is in Tarragona the “Complex Educatiu”, ie the Educational Complex, which is commonly called “Labor University” or just “Labor”; And also the Rovira i Virgili University, a public institution that was founded in 1991, focused on teaching and research, which has been recognized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport as Campus of International Excellence in Catalonia South, Demonstrating that in Tarragona one of the priorities is to have citizens trained to face the world of work.

Tourism in Tarragona

The history that surrounds this city makes of itself a place that is preferred by tourists, and that many of them, fall in love and decide to move and to make life here, year after year, people of different countries, especially English and Russians, choose for Tarragona as a tourist destination to enjoy their days off between their beaches, but this is not what it has to offer, there are a lot of places that you can travel in which you will know about history, culture, its gastronomy and even the art. In Spain, especially in areas such as the Costa Dorada or the Costa del Sol, foreigners prefer to buy new houses and start a new life in an earthly paradise.

The museums you can enjoy and enjoy, such as the Diocesan Museum of Tarragona, inaugurated in 1914 by Archbishop Antolín López Peláez, has about 11,000 artwork, distributed in 273 permanent exhibition rooms, which tell the history of the art of The diocese; or the National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona, is the oldest in its specialty in Catalonia, was built during the first half of the nineteenth century, aims to recover, preserve, investigate and disseminate the heritage that comes from the Roman city of Tarraco.

The gastronomy reflects this history and culture, one of the most popular dishes is the spinach with snails, which is consumed mainly in the festivities of Santa Tecla; the food with Mediterranean influence is one of the forts of the Costa Dorada. Other dishes rooted in tradition are: cassola of romesco, arrosejat, black rice and fish both grilled and fried. And when the good weather is present it is very common to see in the squares or streets of the city, or the terraces of the bars people enjoying tapas and snacks, often accompanied by one of the excellent wines of the area.

The restaurants obtain their products directly from the Camp de Tarragona crops, such as vegetables, almonds, hazelnuts, among others. In the nearby mountains it is also possible to find the collection of mushrooms, potatoes or chestnuts. Another important point is the architecture of the buildings where some of the establishments are located, these still retain parts of the Roman period, which immediately causes the diner to be transported to those days of ‘imperial splendor’, or those of the reconquest

Beaches and recreation sites

With 15 km of crystalline water and soft, fine golden sand, which gives its name to the Costa Dorada, the distrust with which they are cared for and each one of its services, makes the one who wants to stay. In this coast your security is guaranteed, if you observe yellow or red flags means the Red Cross is alerting on the state of the sea; also has a large number of services: cleaning, analysis of water and sand, restaurants, hammock rental and variety of equipment for sports.

But if you want to simply observe the greatness of the sea, you can get up to the Mediterranean Balcony, 40 meters above the sea, at the end of the Rambla Nova, gives a panoramic view of its beauty, the Port of Tarragona, The Mare Nostrum, the Miracle beach and the amphitheater.

Tarragona closed the year with half a million tourists

A very good news for Tarragona published on January 19, 2017, reports that last year closed with excellent numbers for the sector that makes tourism life, these data reflect that hotel occupancy grew by 12%, and that during the middle 2016 Millions of tourists walked these lands.


Even so, there are several goals to achieve and one of them is to make the stay of tourists spread, since the current average is between one and three nights for cities use their history to attract travelers, and thanks to The hotel capacity of Tarrragona, it is possible to tackle this and much more. Taking into account that this city is not only attractive to Spaniards, but also to foreigners love the idea of taking a cocktail on the shore of a warm beach, the City Council seeks to promote the concept of Mediterranean city and its history. It is a city that attracts not only Spanish, but also foreigners.

Contribution for the reader: To know which are the best real estate investments in Tarragona for 2017, besides a general knowledge of the place, its characteristics, traditions and places to have fun.

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