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Find the best properties for sale and tips you need to buy abroad. We are a specialist website for buying and selling real estate to interested foreign investors, provide advice and consultancy to our customers with the best experts in the property market in Spain and other countries
Hottest destinations in Spain: Madrid, Barcelona, Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca, Islas Baleares
Hottest destinations around the world: USA, México, Chile, Costa Rica, Panamá
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Welcome to Best Investments Spain

permiso-de-residenciaWe are specialists in the major real estate investments for foreign people in the best destinations around the Spain. For this reason, we present the most select group of opportunities to acquire a property with the appropriate guidance both for those wishing to invest abroad and owners and realtors who want to sell their properties internationally.

We dealing directly with people who want to invest in the real estate market. Our wide range of services can cover all areas of interest that investors look for when buying a property outside your country. For this reason we offer care in the following areas:

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Sell your property
We are the best option to sell your property worldwide

• Our site is visited daily by foreign buyers wishing to invest outside their country. Whether for investors in the property search to finalize a sales transaction or by persons wishing to obtain a second holiday home or settle to live in that country.
• We carry out major advertising campaigns on Google thus ensuring a high volume of traffic investors and multiplying the chances that your property will be seen by more people.
• We provide personalized advice to foreign investors wishing to operate in other countries, leading them in all stages of the purchase of a property.
• We offer advice to sellers, step by step to promote your property to the largest number of potential buyers
• We provide help to those who wish to sell their property in a simple and effective way.

Advertising properties

Want to sell your property to foreign investors?

Our service to advertising properties has the best positioning in Google and this represents an attractive for foreign investors who wish to know the real estate market through this portal. For this reason, we offer assistance to people who want to sell their properties to investors from:

Europe: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, Netherlands
Asia: China and Japan
Middle East: Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Turkey

We are leaders in the real estate sector because we offer personalized advice in the process of selling real estate to foreigners.

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Foreign Investors

12 reasons that make us specialists in dealing with foreign investors

1. Advising investors to buy homes outside their country
2. Accuracy in seeking opportunities
3. The best guides to buying property
4. Regulatory information and legal procedures
5. Consulting on the issue of visas (Tourists, Investors, Residents)
6. Management documentation housing (Advice to consider)
7. Ensure that there is a home inspection (Check the condition of the property)
8. Tax management issue (Types, costs and planning)
9. Property valuation (How to determine the market value of housing)
10. Guidelines living abroad
11. Consulting with expert lawyers in the area (How to choose a lawyer abroad costs)
12. Information on the issue currency conversion (Bank transfers and remittances)

Other Destinations

The Best destinations in Spain for investors:

The following list represents the best places recorded a higher number of sales to foreigners:

Balearic Islands
Canary Islands
Castile-La Mancha
Castile and León
La Rioja
Valencian Community


Major Investor groups

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Real Estate Investment in Castilla La Mancha: Stately villa for sale...

Guadalajara is a city located in Spain, is the capital of the homonymous province, in the autonomous community of Castilla-La Mancha, is less than...
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