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Specialized in real estate

Best Investment Spain has specialized in real estate. They are skilled and are dedicated to advise in the purchase or rental of residential and commercial properties.

Why is it important to have a real estate advisor if you have immigration or investment plans?

Buying a property in Spain is a good investment and an excellent way to obtain a residence visa that allows you to emigrate to Spain.

At present, the Spanish real estate market offers excellent investment opportunities in the residential and commercial sectors and acquire property allows up to 40% less than its value.

With the purchase of one or several properties in any region of the Spanish territory totaling the amount of 500,000 euros, you can obtain a residence permit. This type of residence for investors allows the investor and his family live in Spain and work if they wish.

If the investor is a citizen of a Latin American country, with the purchase of real estate you can obtain Spanish citizenship soon and enjoy all the benefits of being a citizen of a member of the European Union.

This option is ideal for people who are looking for a new destination and want to work, if they wish.


We will help you find all the amenities you need

We will help you find all the amenities you need

Depending on the value of your investment, we will contact a real estate advisor who will provide personalized service you need to acquire a property. If requested, we will try to be of the same nationality.

Although today the properties can easily be located through internet, buying or renting a property abroad, where laws are different and stricter in certain negotiations, counseling is essential and their absence can cause serious problems.

Best Investment Spain offers comprehensive advice through its strategic partners in real estate and in any part of Spanish territory where you want to invest.

Considering the changes that have hit the real estate sector in Spain and the rest of the European Union, the philosophy of Best Investment Spain is to provide a personalized service through local experts who take into account the current market conditions and have the experience enough to guide you.

Are you interested in exploring the real estate sector in Spain for the purchase of a commercial or residential property?

Whether for investment or intended to obtain a residence visa, our allies have the experience you need in real estate.

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