In Best Investments Spain we take care to provide advice to all individuals and estate agencies wishing to sell their property abroad. Our consultants are dedicated to helping all investors who wish to know the international real estate market, telling them where, when and how to invest offering a detailed analysis of the best destinations worldwide analysis. Our experts are working in real estate since 2001 and therefore met the experience of all these years in the real estate sector to provide the following services:

Experts in advice to foreign investors

We specialize in providing personalized attention to all persons wishing to invest in the property market and we present a big selection of investment opportunities in all major destinations in the world, in addition we have the following tools:

• We conduct meetings with our distinguished panel of advisors and international investors which offer specialized on the process of purchasing a property abroad consulting, these meetings introduce all steps in legal and financial matters:

• Counseling for obtaining tourist visas, investment and residence
• Tips for verification of all legal requirements and documentation of the property
• Help to determine the value of the property with our consultants
• Management international issue currency and money transfers around the world through bank transfers
• Contact with the best lawyers in the world subject property
• Information on the subject of taxes, types, costs and payments
• Free newsletters via e-mail for foreign investors wishing to invest abroad

We open the doors to the international market

Our focus is on describing the steps that must follow buyers wishing to purchase a property abroad, advising them properly on how to buy, where to do it and what are the best opportunities to invest. Additionally we provide care for people who wish to sell their home in the international market with the advantage of having experts to guide you through the process:

• Gather the necessary information to complete the sale of your property

• Promote your property through press notes that appear published in major real estate portals in the world

• Check your listing and validate our team of advisors to publication becomes an “Verified by” which will generate confidence and prestige for people visiting the property

• Know the steps to sell your property at the international level, of the hand of our panel of experts

We also have an exclusive properties directory called Special Offers that allows you to position the property has more prominent on the site attracting the attention of major investors in the world.

Know why it is important to have a verified ad

To sell a property is necessary to transmit security and confidence to buyers. Therefore, it is important to have a method of marketing that has a transparent support that allows you to validate your property worldwide. This is the reason why several companies have created certificates of validation for real estate ads, even when it represents an additional payment, lets you get the guarantee that our company supports its announcement internationally.

  • Our verified advertise you can get your ad for your property gain recognition and trust of buyers worldwide.

You have a press release will allow you to project your home

Press releases are an indispensable tool to project your property abroad tool. For this reason, our company has a great team of journalistic investigation that is responsible for developing specialized articles in real estate property to be promoted through press releases.

• We offer the possibility to expand in the global real estate market through press releases that will give your property greater projection at international level and allow wider dissemination of their property around the world.

Advertise your property in international real estate market

With us, you can have the best tools to advertise their property around the world and have the most accurate information about global real estate market. Additionally, for advice, tips and strategies to sell your property worldwide offer the option of specialized consultations with our staff of advisers.

For all these reasons, in Best Investments Spain you can advertise your property to a foreign audience and sell your property at the international level, simple and effective way as we provide advice personalized for your property appears reflected in major real estate sites abroad.