Real estate in the resort town of Marbella, Costa del Sol


Marbella is considered the leader in the list of best places to stay in Spain. But some 100 years ago this place was a simple fishing village, located next to the mountains. After World War II, a marquis Ricardo Soriano – the owner of farms in these places – invited me to visit his noble friends. His friend was so pleased with the local climate and beauty of the place impressed that they decided to buy land in Marbella for their villas. Them in these places were removed and other rich. As a result, Marbella has become a favorite holiday destination for business aristocracy.

Georgrafiya and climate

Marbella is located in southern Spain and is located in the province of Malaga called. It is also part of the region of Costa del Sol and Andalusia. Being right on the Mediterranean coast and in the foothills of the Sierra Blanca, which has about a thousand people. 138, most of whom are immigrants. Because the fence in the northern highlands, in a really pleasant climate, and this contributes to a good time. The average annual temperature is 28 degrees Celsius and sunny days a year, there are 320.

Marbella Resort

Marbella has long been one of the most expensive European destinations that constantly attracts not only movie stars, but even members of the royal family. The variety of hotels of four and pyatizvedochnyh, luxury boutiques complexes “super-luxury”, restaurants, swimming pools and sports clubs attracted aristocratic tourists. But here you can find and less expensive, but nonetheless comfortable without “treshki.”

16 miles berergovoy line can not attract fans to walk, which seemed especially attractive Paseo Maritimo – Muelle popular in this region, which covers the entire coast of the city and offers before walking a good view of the coast. Furthermore, Marbella is famous for its gardens, parks and other recreational areas. The local cuisine is also admirable.