Marbella: The holiday paradise for Europeans


30% has been the growth in the purchase of real estate by foreigners in the region. The British continue to lead the market, the Russians lead in luxury and Nordic lead in growth.

Marbella alone accounts for 35% of all tourism in the region of Andalusia. Better known as the Costa del Sol, Marbella is located in Andalucia and belongs to the province of Malaga and has an extraordinary climate that averages 19 ° C throughout the year with 300 days of sunshine. Therefore, since the 50`s, many European tourists have chosen as a destination for vacation and to invest so as to have a second home.

Europeans are the biggest buyers in Marbella
Europeans are the biggest buyers in Marbella

Marbella is so attractive for Europeans, that 85% of purchases of residential property that are made in the city are made by foreigners, mainly from countries of the European Union. This behavior is justified because of the good economy that have shown most European countries and that coupled with the housing crisis that occurred since 2008 which reduced property prices, helped that impelled much more foreign investment in a market that already was the most important in Spain.

British investors have traditionally been the largest buyers in the Costa del Sol, and currently rank first in terms of foreign buyers in 2014 with 27.6% of all properties acquired by foreigners in the region, followed by French, Russians, who for that year showed a reduction in purchases, and followed Germans, Belgians, Swedes and Norwegians. For the second quarter of the same year, total transactions in the province of Malaga was 2222 apartments sold, with over 80% bought by foreigners and being Marbella the main objective of these purchases by placing it between the positions of TOP properties They sold in Spain, and representing an increase of 30% on acquisitions by foreigners.

This growth in purchases of property has been driven in part by falling prices in the region caused by the 2008 crisis where property values ​​fell an average of 37% in the city. Prices have not yet reached the same levels of 10 years ago and has been making home ownership for people who previously had not been more accessible. For all this, notices Sale now last less in the windows of the properties and the number of buyers has increased significantly.

Who leads purchases in Marbella?

The historical interest of Europeans for Marbella is indisputable, and therefore by far the leading property purchases in the region. The British, as is tradition see them walking around the city especially in summer, are the most bought in the city and have 27% market share, however, the properties they acquire are around 150 thousand euros, cheaper than buying the Nordic values ​​that reach 170 thousand euros. Russians prefer more luxury and exclusivity, and thus, the property acquired are rarely below 300 thousand euros.

European buyer profile varies from country to country, and although it is difficult to establish, there are some general guidelines for investors in each country:

The British, have been the leaders for many years, mainly from late 70s years, and have been helped by the strength of sterling against the euro, which is still maintained. Buyers from this country are aged between 45 and 60 seeking withdrawal sites, for this reason, to buy property in Marbella, the intended for their personal use rather than investment. His interest is the same in both houses or apartments, as long as their size is greater than 100 square meters, and are as close as possible to the coast. They also have the advantage of ease of transfer to England.

The French investors are going to Marbella in search of both a holiday as well as make an excellent investment. They have been favored by the current economic situation in France, which enables them to acquire a second home and also, prices of vacation properties in France are higher at the Spanish price, this has led to 13% investment property in Marbella are French. The Gauls are interested mainly by apartment and perhaps some villages, while the price range that will handle between 100,000 and 250,000 euros.

– Marbella has begun to look more attractive for German investors seeking a warm place to spend the summer. Therefore, they have advanced to third on foreigners investing in Marbella displacing the Russians.

The Russians distinguish the English and Scandinavians by the fact that they are younger than the others, with ages ranging between 30 and 45 years, dedicated to businesses and companies, and parents looking for a property where they can spend their vacation with their children. This has changed somewhat in recent years due to falling ruble and to the restrictions set by the Russian government to invest outside the country. Thus, while investment has declined, interest in Marbella remains intact, only that the profile now tends more to people with enough money, already have their tax residence established in another country other than Russia, for this reason, properties seeking Russians are larger and more luxurious compared to other foreigners.

The Nordic buyers are similar to English in interests, looking for a place with excellent climate and where they can do outdoors, water sports, or just relax on the beach, especially in the summer. Scandinavian investors have aged between 45 and 70 years with high income.

What makes Marbella attractive?

In short one you could say that the Mediterranean is the main attraction for tourists in Marbella. The beaches are combined with the best weather on the coast, with more than 300 days of sunshine during the year and an average temperature of 19 ° C, with mild winters and low rainfall during this season, while summers are sufficiently warm without being sweltering for the tourists.

Do sports on the Costa del Sol, is also one of the main reasons to visit, especially selected sports such as golf, karting, sailing, sport boats and any other sport you can develop at sea, are perfect to be practiced in Marbella . In fact, the Costa del Golf, as is also known Marbella, boasts 21 golf courses and about another 40 in other municipalities also belonging to Andalusia. Ports, exceed the ten, in those who are special for fishing and other sports activities.

Los Naranjos Golf Club in Marbella
Los Naranjos Golf Club in Marbella

The nightlife of the city is also another highlight, that makes it famous around the world and probably one of the best in Spain for fun, competing only with Ibiza in that regard. The variety on offer to enjoy the night in bars, pubs, discos and beach clubs, which can find in different parts of the city both in the center and on the seafront. Two of the best known discos are Funky Buddha and Olivia Valere, and as well as other clubs have also assured fun, but keep in mind that Marbella is distinguished from the rest of Spain for its exclusivity, ie, it may seem uneconomical, but you enjoy nightlife with which few cities in the world can be compared.

Puerto Banus: Synonymous with exclusivity

This port has established itself as a major symbol in Marbella luxury and exclusivity, where yachts gather, restaurants, shops, nightclubs and hotels in the region. Therefore it receives annually about 5 million people who come to enjoy the attractions.

In its berthing port some of the largest and most luxurious yachts in the world, where the price of mooring ranks fourth in the world with a price above 2500 euros, surpassed only by three ports in Italy.

Yachts, stores and party in Puerto Banus
Yachts, stores and party in Puerto Banus

Stores in major fashion brands in the world are here as Gucci, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, just to mention a few. The same applies to restaurants and nightclubs that are decorated with frequent visits of artists and TV characters. Most of the premises are located in the Ribera street where clubs like Pangea, Tibu, Cavalli, Seven, are among others, that make famous to this port. If your taste leans more toward gambling and betting, you can visit the Nueva Andalucía Casino, which also has a restaurant and private parties.

Both luxury and exclusivity has attracted course to real estate investors, who have built developments around them that are at the height of the area, such is the case of The Citadel and La Zagaleta. The latter features golf club and equestrian club completely private, where properties are mainly mansions in some cases even with helipads.

The great moment of Marbella real estate market

Málaga, the province where Marbella is located, is the second in Spain with more foreign buyers where a total of 4,739 properties were sold for the first quarter of 2014. This market recovery in the region is evident that started from the year 2012.

Growth has experienced both in terms of sales, which saw an increase of 28% by the end of 2014 in terms of purchases, and a rise of 2.2% in property prices for the same time. Rising shopping in the region, is expected to continue in the coming years, while prices will remain more neutral and without many variations.

Prices of real estate in Spain, it is estimated that they will continue their upward trend during the course of 2016, such as happened in 2015 where the price increase ranged from 12% to 30% especially in the major cities such as Marbella, Madrid and Barcelona accentuating this trend in the most exclusive areas and higher costs. However, analysts are a bit more conservative with projections made for 2016 where an increase in prices from a range of 3 to 5% and may vary to areas of greater tourist and real estate activity in the Costa del is expected sun, ie Marbella where you can achieve an increase in the value of properties to 10%.

Among the events that have contributed to the growth of real estate in Marbella is the flexibility shown by banks to foreign buyers with mortgages 20 years with fixed nominal interest rates of 1.7% and 2.75%. This has caused many buyers who before 2007 had no way to buy a home on the Costa del Sol, have seen their window of opportunity in the current market situation with low prices and also banking facilities. Thus, buyers would be gained in two ways. The first is to get a property known worldwide for its luxury, perfect for summer and spend their leisure time; the second is acquiring a property in a region where according to large firms, represents a safe investment and it will be very profitable in the future.


The Costa del Sol is entering a new stage of growth of real estate market, this shows all the positive indicators that have been made for the purchase of properties in the region. Therefore, the environment is conducive for investment, since, in addition to all options of properties that currently exist, there are also new developments to come. European, traditional investors in Marbella, in the care of this, in this way, Englishmen who have been historical leaders, you have been joined by citizens of other countries such as France, Germany and the Nordic countries, where the economy is stable, investment in the region. Thus, investors capitalized both enjoyment and also in economic performance.


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