Hacienda Matel: Luxury boutique hotel for sale in San Sebastian del Oeste Jalisco Mexico


San Sebastian del Oeste is a municipality and population of the state of Jalisco in Mexico. It is located west of the state in the Western Sierra Region. Its territorial extension is of 1400.13 km2. His landscapes are among the most attractive in the whole country, and that has a charming flora that makes every picture look like a postcard, so locals and tourists dream of investing in a property in the area, thanks to the tranquility and peace that breathes, plus private investment in tourism in this place recently achieved record numbers, thanks to the confidence that emanates from the place where also thousands of locals and foreign tourists frequently visit their villages full of tradition and convenience, charming hotels in the area, such as luxury boutique hotel Hacienda Matel, which has 10 unique and comfortable rooms as well as important areas for recreation of guests, Jacuzzi and more and today is on sale with an attractive price

On the other hand it is also important to note that mortgage lending by banks has grown so far this year by 15%, which shows that investors who do not have enough money for real estate, may access one of them and in this way to acquire homes or farms with the support of these banks. Also it is important to note that the buildings in the area are reconsidering, allowing you to quickly recover the investment realiada, just as those who invest in real estate can claim expenses in order to pay less taxes, which without a doubt is a great benefit.

Advantages of investing in real estate in San Sebastian Del Oeste

1- Although the housing market is a bit slow, there are incredible investment opportunities, such as the luxury boutique Hotel Matel, located in a charming and great town.

2- Usually people can deduct the interest payments on your mortgage, which reduces the taxes they owe, while people who invest in real estate in the area can claim depreciation and expenses in order to reduce their taxes.

3- It is a really lovely area, and the people can go with a relaxed walk through its streets, so it can meet the old coffee plantation, and buildings that date back more than 300 years ago, also is there the old cemetery with mausoleums of over 400 years and of course, the cathedral museum, which is in charge of hosting prehispanic pieces and colony.

4- Today it is one of the areas of Jalisco that more visits receives each year, both local and foreign tourists

  • Investment property in San Sebastian Del Oeste cover many times the initial payment. Which it means that investors benefit from the increase in the total value of the property, not only with the investment made in the beginning.
  • The payment of mortgages, allows investors to recoup the money they invested.

Unmissable investment opportunity: Luxury Boutique Hotel for sale

And just talking about investments in the region, as experts in this type of real estate, we report that today is the Luxury Boutique Hotel Matel for sale, which is located in San Sebastian del Oeste, and nestled in the mountains the Sierra Madre Occidental just 45 minutes from Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco (Mexico), there you will find this charming hotel, which is undoubtedly a place suspended in the past, full of history and tradition, where the memory It becomes reality.

Main features:

– Price: USD 1,490,000

For more information contact: 00521 322 216 7550 

– Construction completed in October 2010

Plot: 2,642.62 square meters

– Construction area: 1,150.00 square meters.

Common areas
The common areas of this luxurious place are spacious, which allows guests to spend pleasant and enjoyable moments

The luxury boutique Hotel Matel currently has a total of 10 rooms which are completely comfortable and have been decorated and wrapped in a themed environment that recalls the Mexican Revolution of 1910. Each of the people who stayed here say they have I managed to feel like part of the history of Mexico, and at the same time have stressed that they have enjoyed rooms that would define the maximum mean luxury and comfort.

This alluring property and it has a system that allows each of the rooms is heated by gas fireplaces with remote control, also allows customers to enjoy television programming through SKY on their TVs they have been adapted in a rustic way, to keep the magic touch of finance.

the rooms
The rooms also provides a space for rest and relaxation to guests, who enjoy a unique and exclusive

The luxury boutique Hotel Matel Matel guests are able to enjoy highly relaxing moments, especially in the Jacuzzi with hot water in the kiosk, as well as enjoy the fresh air of the mountains, and those who want to bring the experience beyond may likewise enjoy wine tasting in its fabulous cava, the Mexican cuisine is undoubtedly one of the most popular worldwide, and in this place everyone can enjoy Mexican food gourmet, which also invites you to relive history Mexico.

In short in this boutique Hotel  you can enjoy a drink at the bar, where you have a wonderful view as part of the valley, witness the arena activities, visits the stables or chapel or relax at the spa.

This hotel  is located specifically in the Sendero El Nogalito No. 2, Road to Montosa, San Sebastian del Oeste in Jalisco also the place meets all regulatory requested by the government, and has all services potable municipal water, electricity, telephone, drainage by septic tank, mail, garbage, internet and mobile telephony: required, such as public. Also its panoramic views are undoubtedly enviable as they give to the valley and to the wooded mountain which adjoins.

Overview Luxury Boutique Hotel

– Boutique Hotel Hacienda Mexican-Spanish type.

– Built on slopes with 10 rooms of 25 square meters.

– Each room has its own bathroom of about 12 square meters.

– Central courtyard with kiosk equipped with Jacuzzy

The jacuzzi lets guests can relax completely and forget everything that causes them concern

– Filtration and boiler

– Space for living room, kitchen with pantry bar and 150 square meters.

– Two wineries Service

Panoramic terrace of 70 square meters.

–  Parking lot

– Warehouse and machine room

Tanker water storage 40.000lts

– Green areas and landscaping

– Areas Office and Internet

hotel boutique
The decor of the hotel is one of the features that attracts the attention of customers, since it allows you to create a unique place

– Space destine to snuff shop and cellar

– Equipped Caballerizas

– Chapel

Laundry Area

– Area of ​​service rooms with bathroom

– House foreman with two bedrooms and bathroom, kitchen and dining room also.

All bathrooms are lined with marble and tempered glass doors in showers and luxury fittings with gold plate.

– Marble slabs

European gas fireplaces

– Entrance gates.

It is the perfect place for any type of event

In this property you can also perform incredible event is that it is the perfect place to make your event unique and magical place. The place has a beautiful chapel, which is dedicated to St. Jude Thaddeus, has a capacity for 20 people and is the perfect place to take out beautiful ceremonies in the company of their closest loved ones. All images of our chapel are blessed and wrapped in an environment that will be very difficult to forget.

It also has the capacity to accommodate any type of event such as weddings, christenings, conferences and more

Here you can also carry out special events, such as anniversaries, weddings, birthdays or any special event that deserves special events. The professionals working at the site are prepared to host services for your event to be memorable and unforgettable. The quality of service offered, as well as food will leave an extraordinary taste.

Achieves record in private investment in tourism

Jalisco state in which it is located San Sebastian del Oeste, had last year a private investment record in the tourism sector for a total amount of 502 million $ 95,000, which has amply demonstrated confidence by the private sector on the competitiveness of the tourist destinations of Jalisco and San Sebastian del Oeste and Puerto Vallarta. These data show the importance of investing in the place, since it is always advisable to take advantage of areas that are growing and always be aware of the properties for sale as they can present offers that you can not miss, such as the luxury boutique Hotel Matel.

Its corridors are full of charm and unforgettable stories

Also in November last year a total of 3,284,166 foreign tourists and 18,283,416 Mexican tourists, who invested a total of 33,920 million pesos was received.

At least so said the secretary of state himself Tourism, Enrique Ramos Flores in its 2015 balance shown in the Informa Glossing Government. It also stressed that for this year and 2017 will be 3,700 rooms in different areas of the state of Jalisco.

It has also stressed that the most important investments were held in Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta, but also in towns like San Sebastian del Oeste, which has been growing over the last three years, especially in the hotel area, dining and other services .

Undoubtedly last year was excellent for the whole area as it was possible to have flow of tourists both local and from other countries as a result of the promotional work that has been made by the federal government and state government, who they have given support to municipalities in each of the areas like Puerto Vallarta and pueblos mágicos (magic towns), among which San Sebastian del Oeste, thus demonstrating that to invest in real estate in this place is undoubtedly a very good deal.

The state tourism secretary also informed that this has resulted in an increase in the inflow and the outlook is to continue on the same terms, also he said they need to continue on the same terms, making efforts to this trend is maintained.

The Magic Towns program managed to strengthen the tourism plant in the municipalities of San Sebastian del Oeste, Mazamitla, Tapalpa, Tequila and Lagos de Moreno after coordinated with their tourism committees and allowed ensure continuity within the federal Magic Towns program work, which implies investment in urban image, as well as infrastructure and other attractions that support them in hotels and restaurants, they joined since September 2015 Mascota and Talpa as new “Pueblo Mágico” of Jalisco.

Revealing data:

  • $ 95 000 502 million in private investment.
  • 123 million 719 thousand pesos in investment in infrastructure and equipment.
  • 3 million 284 thousand 166 foreign tourists visited Jalisco.
  • 18 million 283 thousand 416 tourists visited national Jalisco.
  • 4054 trained service providers to improve the quality of tourism services.
  • 271 certifications establishments.

Mortgage loans have grown by 15%

For banks, mortgage loans continue to be one of the types of financing that have remained in growing demand, and the best proof of this is that after the first three months of this year this funding had an average growth 15 percent.

In a recent conference Ricardo García Conde, who is the CEO mortgage banking Banamex, where he also took advantage of adding that rising mortgages in this institution has been more than twice the growth throughout the banking (31 percent). He also took the opportunity to detail that this increase that on leaving the average banking is the result of last year launched its mortgage profiles.

From January to September 2016, the portfolio of mortgage credit “Go for More” managed to reach 550 million, and is expected to close this year with 800 million pesos. According to real estate consultant, Ignacio Acosta Sorge, both local and foreign investors should take advantage of these incredible opportunities that are providing financial institutions and opt for a mortgage to invest in real estate in the area, which will be paid gradually, and more easily those who purchase this luxury boutique Hotel, since the monthly income enough to cover the debt.

 It is part of the exclusive list of “Pueblos Mágicos”

As mentioned above, San Sebastian del Oeste has been designated as “pueblo mágico”, which in english means magical town, so it belongs to the exclusive list of the 48 villages of Mexico that have managed to receive such distinction.

It was precisely in 2013 when the Governor of Jalisco, Emilio Gonzalez Marquez and Secretary of Tourism of the Federal Government, Gloria Guevara Manzo, made an important visit to this renowned city in order to announce the 700 inhabitants, appointment this “pueblo mágico” of the Western Sierra de Jalisco.

San Sebastián del Oeste
Around visitors can enjoy a pleasant day in peace

They have been the leaders themselves who have stated that in San Sebastian del Oeste seemed that time stopped, as it is a place where the friendliness of its people and landscapes surrounding it differs, is a privileged area so it has built over history and now becomes a “pueblo mágico”.

Every year San Sebastian del Oeste receives at least a total of 140 thousand visitors, who enjoy fully the essence of what it is, so the fact of having appointed pueblo mágico is without doubt an important benefit of its people with the increased tourism, with more investments arrived but within the urban planning that maintains the essence of the people, peace, tranquility and cleanliness.

It has been certified as a healthy municipality

In the middle of last year, the Health Region of the North Coast of the Ministry of Health of Jalisco, granted to San Sebastian del Oeste accreditation which dubs it a healthy municipality prize was awarded after he carried out a great health program in which using a well-equipped mobile unit, was brought to the remotest communities tied with medical, cleaning their communities, vaccines to dogs and cats as well as awareness activities through games like puppet theater for example.

This program has been named “Conveying Illusions, commitments, dreams and Health” and is a project that takes at least three years, and has managed to materialize with the support of the president of the municipality of San Sebastian del Oeste, Yesenia Pulido, as well as the support of the Ministry of Health through Dr. Jose Jaco.

It is a municipality health promoter

In the same way the municipal Plaza de San Sebastián del Oeste has been named as the Plaza Healthy Recreation and Leisure; place where the event where the awards were granted to the members, founders and doctors that make active life of the program called “Conveying Illusions, commitments, dreams and Health” was held.

Also it is important to note that the attractions of San Sebastian are almost all related to culture, history, craftsmanship, unsurpassed gastronomy and spectacular scenery as well as the buildings of the haciendas, mines, temple and other attractions.

And that is without doubt the magic of San Sebastian del Oeste is what has managed to seduce local and foreign tourists from many years ago, so through the luxury boutique Hotel Matel , we are offering an extraordinary investment opportunity, where each of your guests will enjoy pleasant place to spend a few days in a unique, mystical and unforgettable way.

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