What should know for your business trip to Marbella?


We show you how to make your trip to the Costa del Sol be a success

Visits from Europeans, Asians, Arabs and Americans are common in the Costa del Sol, and of course, inhabitants of other regions of Spain who choose Marbella as a destination for vacation or fun and of course, for buying a property and live there. But if you plan a trip to Marbella, you should know all the options available transportation, logistics and even a little of the language for your trip pleasurably without against time. Therefore, to have a whole planned logistics is critical to consider when visiting the Costa del Sol to know the properties of interest.

Marbella is the focus of tourism and real estate interest of Andalusia and one of the most important in Spain with investors who come both from within and outside the European Union, and Spaniards from other regions also have significant investments in the region. In total foreigners own 85% of properties in the region, with the highest volume English investors and in luxury and size, the Russians and from Arabs mainly from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE, are those They set the tone in these terms.

Therefore, all foreigners wishing to travel to Marbella should be made to visit properties for purchase, owe their planning time trying to book everything in advance as the Costa del Sol is a very demanded destination, and this makes during certain times the year, all the hotels are cornered. This way you get with lower services prices and have an opportunity to choose, remember that Marbella is a unique city where people who acquire property there have a certain status, so should avoid doing everything at the last minute to avoid costs extras that can be quite costly.

Our company knowing all the current interest in Costa de Sol, has prepared some tips for your trip to the region to visit som preperties as part of advises for buying a property.

Some basic recommendations

If besides visiting properties also you want to make tourism must choose which station wishes to visit.

  • The most demanded course is the summer season, from June to September is when there is more influx of tourists and establishments always fill faster with more traffic on the streets. It is in this season when the leisure reach their peak, with festivals, concerts, and more moves in nightclubs. This station is also the preferred addition to young people, families with children will enjoy the beaches and parks.
  • The other 3 seasons, spring, fall and winter are preferred by couples and older adults to escape the cold in their countries. In Marbella you can spend the winter with a temperature of 20 ° C, so many Russians visiting the city during this season.
  • The two best months to visit the city are June and September, perfect but without large crowds in the city climate.
  • In Marbella there are shops for everything from jewelry to pharmacies, so do not need to carry large amounts of luggage as all get here. Typically, wear light clothes or shirt to better take the heat and enjoy the weather, yes, never forget your sunglasses.
  • It’s good to carry a 230 V adapter for your cell phone, laptop, etc. Especially people who come from America where electonics work with different voltages.
  • We recommend preventive way to save a scanned copy of their personal identification documents copy, ie, passport, ID, driver’s license, health insurance, etc. Since it is very common during travel are lost or forget these roles and we know the inconvenience this entails.


How do I get to Costa del Sol?

To reach there, the airport serving the city is operating in the city of Malaga. Pablo Picasso Malaga-Costa del Sol airport is transiting through which 85% of all tourists and foreigners who pass through the community of Andalusia, 2015 14.5 million people passed through the airport totaled .

If you want to go to Marbella and do it by plane, the best option is to use this airport as it is just 60 km from the city. It also has flights to and from major cities in Europe such as London, Prague, Rome, Stockholm, Munich, Bucharest, Edinburgh, Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna, Oslo and also to New York. Of course, there are daily flights to major cities in Spain such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Valencia and Santiago de Compostela. In total, there are more than 30,000 daily flights to both destinations within Spain and internationally.

Major airlines operating in this airport include Ryanair, Iberia, Air Europa, Alitalia, American Airlines, Germanwings, Avianca, Air Berlin, Air France, Aeromexico, Delta, Finnair, among others.

I’m already at the airport How do I get to Marbella?

After arriving at Malaga airport, there are several ways to reach the city of Marbella.

  1. By car

The easiest and most convenient way to reach Marbella and spend their days in the city is to rent a car. After leaving the airport, you take the Mediterranean motorway and drive 60 km to arrive at Marbella.

  1. Bus Service

The airport has its own bus line located at the exit of the T3 terminal (Arrivals), will offer tourists and residents the opportunity to acquire immediately the Single Ticket, which offers discounts on interurban lines managed by the Consortium of Transportation Metropolitan area of ​​Malaga, the bus of city buses in the city of Malaga and tickets Portillo lines Avanza direct connection from the airport to the Costa del Sol card.

With this new Point of Information and Sale it is offered to tourists accessed from the airport to reach their final destinations by public transport straight from the airport, or plan their routes in the city of Malaga and other towns of the Costa of the sun.

This service reaches major cities of the Costa del Sol, Marbella and the duration of the trip is just over 30 minutes.

  1. Ports

The city also has 4 ports mainly intended for recreational activity, however Puerto Banus and Puerto de la Bajadilla they can receive cruises, most of which come from tours around the Mediterranean.

In conclusion, rent a car is probably the best option for traveling throughout the province, this allows you to access beaches and small towns, and of course, to major cities. There are important agencies for rental cars as Hertz, Avis or Europcar are available for your services.

I’ll see properties, Where should I stay?

Here are a variety of hotels where you can stay especially for business trip and visit properties in the city, with wide range of prices and other luxury:

– Guadalpin Marbella

Its location is privileged and is a good starting point to start to see properties in the city, located right in the heart of Marbella, on the Golden Mile, this 5-star hotel is a short walk from the beach and within walking distance Historic town.

The hotel has 127 luxury rooms and tastefully decorated with simple elegance in cream with touches of red and gold suites. They all have a fully equipped kitchenette for those who like a little self service, and a balcony overlooking the pool and garden. The hotel mainly attracts investors northern Europeans who come here for business and pleasure. The price per room ranges from 70.34 pounds per night.

– Hotel Puente Romano

At the heart of the Golden Mile, a residential district of high-end between the center of Marbella and Puerto Banus, the hotel is five minutes to either resort. If you are happy with the value of a good night’s sleep, you better choose this hotel instead of one in the jammed traffic Marbella or Puerto Banus with its lively nightlife.

Originally built as private apartments, the 285 spacious rooms including 82 luxury suites are classically designed, they do see its 5 stars. Decorated in neutral colors, all they come with balconies or terraces, and while only two blocks views of the Mediterranean, others overlook the gardens. The suites are very well equipped with plenty of space. The room rates start from 144.07 pounds

– Hotel Fuerte Miramar

This is a 4 star hotel, perfect for people who want to visit Marbella for business. It is located in the city center, close to the beach and major sites such as the historic center, the Fuerte Sport Club and only 52 km from Malaga airport. The shops and restaurants of Puerto Banus are also found nearby. The price per night ranges from 41 pounds per night.

– Hotel Marbella Inn

Unlike the previous two, this hotel has no such luxury, and is perfect for those practical people and businessmen who will spend much time in the hotel. Located just off the main road, Avenida Ricardo Soriano, through the heart of Marbella.

The beds are comfortable enough, and the rooms are spotless and have air conditioning, a refrigerator and a safe. The room rates start from 59 pounds per night.

– Hotel Marbella Club

It is one of the hotels in Marbella longest tradition dating since the 60`s. It is also located in the Golden Mile between Marbella and Puerto Banus. There are a total of 84 rooms and 37 suites, all hidden in the lush gardens. With neutral colors and Mediterranean-style interior designs are incredibly comfortable, as expected the price. Best of all are the 14 houses whitewashed Andalusian style, with its own gardens and pools that make the resort feels less like a hotel and more like a small town. Prices due to luxury and exclusivity ranging from 182 pounds per night.

We recommend some places to eat

While most hotels have restaurants and you can enjoy good meals in the same place, there are certain places that are conducive to those who are in town to do business. Here are a couple of options:

– Polo House

The drinks are well presented in crystal glasses by personnel with military jackets. The menu is well thought out and innovative with main dishes oysters, scallops and lamb leg, also it has an excellent wine list carefully chosen by their sommelier. Service and location are excellent located in the eastern end of the Golden Mile. The cost per person is around 35 euros, which is the average of the area.

– Zozoi

Located next to the Plaza Altamirano and near the main square of the Church, it is characterized by its menu with Asian influences. Among its inputs are grilled asparagus, goat cheese and caramelized onions, and the main dish is chicken satay. The average entree price is 11 euros while the main are for 22 euros.


Here is a brief guide to all foreign investors mainly engaged Marbella travel in order to see how best they can acquire property. The Costa del Sol is a cosmopolitan area, therefore, the price of the stay and meals can be high, however, always worth it and often you can get deals especially during off-season although in Marbella there is no one as such.

Having everything planned in advance is always a good idea, and this article offers some good suggestions.

Written by: CAPD

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Contribution to the reader: Indicate generally getting to Marbella, where to stay, places to eat and according to their nationality, if necessary or not a visa.

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