Know why 60% of those interested in properties in Ourense are foreigners

  • The English have 18.6% of the properties belonging to foreigners in Galicia
  • English, Germans and Scandinavians are the main investors in the city
  • The cottages are the most sought for its tranquility and good services

House in Ourense
Country houses in ourense are the most demanded

European buyers are already common in the region, especially the English occupying 18.6% of the real estate market throughout the community. These investors are mostly middle-aged people seeking a second home to share with their children in an area that offers tranquility, economic services and good quality sites relaxation, excellent cuisine and all this in the security of being in a territory belonging to the European community. The online real estate ads are a source for those interested in finding that second home to vacation.

What are the characteristics of the real estate market in the city?

Property for sale in Ourense
Beautiful house in Ourense, very close to bars, clubs, parks and thermal spas. Area of 530 mt2 for only 200 thousand euros

Most of the properties that are available are chalets or cottages which are the cheapest in the region. You can get variety of prices ranging from about 7 thousand euros for houses that can be restored or renovated for habitation or for a later sale, and huge villas that can reach up to 500 thousand euros for example. By posting your property on specialized websites attracts good deals for the sale of your property to domestic and foreign customers.

The current price per square meter in the city is around 1610 euros per square meter. However, you can get properties from 200 thousand euros, which also provide benefits easily accessible via public roads, tranquility and security, a wide range of leisure activities, such as proximity to the hot springs of the River Minho, and counting also with the advantage of not having to pay pay the community or water service.

In Ourense, there are also important natural parks as O Invernadeiro and Serra do Baixa Lima Xurés for people who want to practice outdoor sports or enjoying nature.

Important real estate groups as Panda Estates, recommends investing in these deals in Ourense for potential buyers both foreign and Spanish, seeking property for summer or to set as a second home.


Advantages in utilities to purchase property in Ourense

Public services are some of the main strengths that Galicia offers both residents, tourists and foreigners, as the Galician province has always been characterized by stay above standards throughout Spain.

It has excellent roads that provide access to the city from other parts of the community as Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña or Vigo, from which you can reach via the A-52 road.


Unlimited leisure offers in the city

Ourense, is a provincial capital, and therefore has all the qualities that can be found in cities like this, that is, large avenues, buildings and perhaps the most iconic monument of the city is its cathedral. A good scan of the old town of Ourense can be easily done in one day, during which time its cathedral, other prominent Roman religious buildings and shops can be visited.

Termas de Muíño da Veiga
Termas de Muíño da Veiga

Spa areas are also common in the region. The hot springs to the healing powers attributed to them, and as more known benefits are relaxation and elimination of stress. Ourense is crossed by the Miño River, which on its banks is a walk of 5 km long where the thermal complex on the banks of the Minho is located.

The walk is composed of seasons, the first and closest to the city is the thermal area of ​​Chavasqueira, free entry and is based on Japanese culture. Then proceeds to the Source of O Tinteiro which has a well-known viewpoint and is close to Termas de Muíño da Veiga where there are 4 pools for users. For people who are also looking for beauty treatments with thermal waters, they can go further and reach the thermal station Outariz. On the other bank of the river continued the ride with pools Outariz and Burga de Canedo, the largest resort and also is free.

The best cuisine in Spain is in Ourense

Galicia brings more shellfish, fish and crustaceans than any other region in Spain and Galicians consider it as part of their daily diet. Galicia also benefits from more coast, sand beds and ports than any other province in Spain, which makes it more accessible to the Galicians include all seafood on their menu.

Therefore, Ourense has some of the most important food fairs both Galicia and Spain, where the sea delicacies from neighboring provinces and course dishes, which are more common in Ourense, among these festivals are combined:

  • Pulpo Carballiño

It is considered itself a party of interest to the community, and so many people together in a festival that has become a tradition, as it has been held since 1969 every second Sunday in August. Shows the influence of foreigners in the region, is that every festival is now named according to some city either America or Europe, where a large concentration of Galician citizens or Galician influence there.

Since thousands of people involved in this festival, are also thousands of kilos of food served on octopus, fish, seafood, meat, and pies and always accompanied by a good wine.

  • Cooked Lalin

Ourense, having characteristic of being a rural and quiet area, also includes in its dishes like rabbit, partridge, venison, wild boar and pork menu. Therefore, each January to February, on Valentine’s Day, since 1968 is celebrated throughout the community festival where traditional Galician stew that is prepared based pork products is served.

In this festival all people share, and is promoted by the government of the community, restaurants, and served in more than 3,000 places in Galicia for the enjoyment of diners.