Why invest in real estate in Ajo Cantabria?

Lighthouse Ajo is one of the most emblematic of this area, where locals and tourists also frequent visitors to enjoy a nice view and an unforgettable sunset

Ajo is a town on the coast of Cantabria, capital of the municipality of Bareyo, which is part of the historical region of Trasmiera. It sits at the northernmost point of the Cantabrian coast, with Cape Ajo as last continental bastion against the vast expanse of sea., which they have allowed classify it as one of the sites with the best Real Estate in Spain.

6 Reasons Why Ajo Is Attractive For Investors

1. Peaceful Area: Nature

2. Low Real Estate Prices

3. Highly Qualified Projects

4. Excellent Tourist Destination

5. Bank Credits: Low interest rates

6. Wide Gastronomy

One of the main reasons why it is wise to invest in real estate in the area is as a result of peace and tranquility in which a totally charming and full of surprises to discover rather live in Ajo, also nowadays banks are offering large credits, which means that if you do not have enough budget to do so can receive bank aid, also Ajo has been highlighted as one of the best qualified places to undertake important projects. Similarly it is a place highly visited by tourists, demonstrating that investing in this area is an excellent decision, since it is an area that is growing greatly, which could revaluate an important way the property prices.

Another point that no doubt draw the attention of visitors is that in Ajo, Cantabria can enjoy the best flavors on your palate, and that is precisely here where you find the most famous paellas of shellfish as well as squid rings and the Cantabrian seafood appreciated. Also we note that tourists do know how to make the most of each one of the popular places that are in the area, since the Faro de Ajo, as well as the cliffs are frequently visited to enjoy completely different days. Similarly we note that there are currently the lowest in property prices, which allows investors whose budget is not so high, have the opportunity to make a great investment for little money.

Landscapes at Ajo
The landscapes of the area are one of the main attractions offered, as their visitors and investors feel in peace and quiet there

Crisser: more than a real estate

Crisser is a renowned Spanish company that categorizes itself as much more than a real estate, since their business are not houses, but people are, and who daily help hundreds of investors to find the property of their dreams and also help marketers succeed quickly sell their property.

Real Estate Crisser
Your investment is backed by the renowned property management company: Crisser

From the beginning the goal of creating an agency that always had the doors open to all those who needed professional brokerage raised. That is why every time someone tells them they are offering their property for sale or you are looking for a property to buy, professionals who work there fully flushed to meet 100% your expectations and fulfill their desires. In fact one of its main tasks is to bring buyers and investors.
One of the benefits of this agent is recognized that the time is used to spare her another, and that help them quickly get the buyer they need or the property that the person is looking for. Often they are interacting in the Spanish real estate market and by the way get important experience they will never forget because they are passionate about their work. That is why they value each of their accomplishments: especially when they get the result desired by all.

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Mortgage loans 100% are increasing 

Banking back to its old ways. Or, at least, to old habits before the crisis, when the volume of credit extended by more than 100% of home value soared. Now it is not reached, much less to those levels, but the trend is clear. A recent analysis of Studies of BBVA estimates that loans with an LTV ( ‘Loan-to-Value’) greater than 100% are increasing. To the extent that they have spent 2% of the total granted in 2012 to 5% in 2015.

House at Ajo
Currently financial institutions are providing significant loans to citizens, so if you do not have the full budget, banks may help

BBVA Research explained by a “reduction in the valuations of appraisers,” but also “could play” a minor role the development of new operations. That is, the new mortgage. Most worrying, however, is that the bad loans in such loans reached 27% of the total in 2015, well above the 12% registered in 2012.


A report from the Bank of Spain made in the hardest years of the crisis, in 2010, estimated that nearly 85% of the total volume of mortgage risk stood at LTV below 80%; 12.6% had LTV between 80% and 100% and approximately 3.3% of risk mortgage-backed securities had a LTV above 100%. That means that now the risk of financial institutions that most delinquent credit is greater than then.

Beach houses at Ajo
The houses near the beach are equally interesting, as it allows foreign investors have a property that allows them to escape from work and live unforgettable days

The lowest prices in property

We know very well about the broad interests with those that have both local and foreign investors to buy a property in this area, and that according to Property Management crisser the price varies according to the type of property, to be more clear about we want to give some accurate data on how prices are around that area:

  • Chalet prices ranges from € 140,000 to € 360,000
  • The prices of the apartments are on the order of 69,000 € to 134,000 €
  • Duplex prices ranges from € 78,000 to € 140,000
  • The land prices are on the order of 60,000 € up to 190.000 €
  • Local prices ranges from € 70,000 up to € 270.000

Also we want to highlight an incredible investment opportunity in Ajo, Cantabria, and is:

1 townhouse for sale located on Calle El Pamental

Entry House
The entrance of this property is without a doubt beautiful, thanks to the local flora and the rest of the decor

Among the most important features of the property we emphasize the following:

  • It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms
Living Room
As I can see the room is really comfortable, it has a sofa where you can relax with your family and enjoy a pleasant day
  • The total size is 190 mt2
  • The price is € 229,500 

For more information contact: (+34) 942 670 619

  • It is located in a development that has 4 properties in the same style, the house that is for sale is just the one in the corner, facing south and east.
In the large garden you can plant your favorite flowers or enjoy a barbecue outdoors
  • It has parking for several cars, the size is 60 meters and the door is motorized.
  • Internal access to housing is through wrought iron stairs.
  • On the first floor you will find the kitchen, which has exit to the garden, which is also facing south, in turn has a wardrobe and living room and bathroom.
Dining Room
The dining room is equipped with everything you need to enjoy a lunch or any meal with family and friends
  • At the top, there are two spacious rooms, which feature bright and large windows.
    Also there is a bathroom with a window.

An oasis of tranquility

One of the main benefits offered by this place for its residents is peace and tranquility there undoubtedly is a special place for those who want to enjoy a quiet environment, even it is one of the best qualified places for those in retirement age or retirement, why many elderly foreigners invest their savings in a building in the area.

One of the most attractive for visitors to the area and to its own residents is the Faro de Ajo, a place to go every day, but especially during sunset areas, and from which you can relax in any situation.

Likewise cliffs are other places that offer peace to its visitors, which are located right next to the beach Ajo and are also imposing a tourist attraction for both locals and foreigners.

It is one of the best areas for highly qualified projects

According to the Real Estate Consultant, Ignacio Acosta Sorge, Cantabria is an area that has particularly favorable conditions for those projects that require highly qualified human capital and experience. It is also an area that provides all the necessary resources to do so, with labor costs content and an environment free of conflict.

As for those projects that require scientific support and knowledge transfer, here you can have a powerful R & D structure, built by the University of Cantabria and centers of research associated with it. As the Environmental Hydraulics Institute, the Institute of Biomedicine and Biotechnology, Institute of Physics, the Global Network of supercomputing, and more. All these technological reference centers.

Cantabria leads the increase in tourists

According to the latest real estate news the hotels located in the area received in July this year, a total of 176,379 passengers, which means a 9.33% more than during the same period last year, which, according to what stands the regional government, Cantabria led the increase of tourists between the regions of the Green Spain.

Beach at Ajo
Undoubtedly the landscapes of the area seem some postcards, so that more and more tourists come to visit the area

Through a statement, it has detailed the region exceeded by more than four points to Galicia, the second community in northern Spain in rating increase (5.19%); about 9 in the Basque Country, which grew by 0.45%, and in about six to Asturias, which saw a rise of 3.63%.

The Government of Cantabria has highlighted as particularly significant leadership achieved by the region in terms of foreign tourism.

It is also important to note that the Cantabrians hotels received 14.3% more international travelers, while the Basque Country and Galicia had fewer visitors, with falls of 5.7% and 1.3% respectively, and only grew Asturias 0.79%.

The Minister for Innovation, Industry, Tourism and Trade, Francisco Martin, considered that these data are invited to continue talking about a “historic” summer and find that the international promotion strategy carried out by the regional government “is working.”

Likewise he also added that the area has not only grown abroad over the rest of northern communities in tourism, but even we have been able to overcome the national average of 9.1% in international passenger growth last July.

This significant increase is one of the main reasons that should be taken into account when investing in the area, since investors who acquire properties in the area and then rent them to tourists and get an income from it will have a greater opportunity to do so, demonstrating that it is an important business.

It has excellent tourist destinations

The best places for travelers are undoubtedly in Ajo, Cantabria:

Faro de Ajo: In 1907 the lighthouse was projected as one of the most important of the Cantabrian, similar to the lighthouse of Cabo Mayor. It is planned to build a tower 18 meters high, with a rectangular two-storey house where they could live up to 6 fareros, and separate machines. However, when in 1914 the lighthouse of Cabo Mayor is electrified, given its greater power, the project is canceled on the grounds that it is no longer necessary. From City of Bareyo, which owns Ajo, the emphasis on their suitability and after three shipwrecks in the area of ​​the lighthouse project is approved again in 1921, starting construction in 1928.

In August 1930 the lighthouse was inaugurated, being the newest of Cantabria, more modest than in the original idea, because even the house happens to have one floor. In 1980 the engineer Fernando Rodriguez Perez projects a new circular tower, made of concrete, leaving the focal plane to 10.73 meters above the ground and 71 meters above sea level.

Acantilados de Ajo: Right next to the beach Ajo some stunning and striking cliffs stretch. Perfect for spending a day relaxing, sunbathing, reading or just enjoy the scenery without getting sand. The bravest even come close to the waves, but you must be careful, because in that area the sea breaks forward.

The cliffs in the area are also very famous, people visit it to enjoy nature and a pleasant day

Cuberris Beach: beach Cuberris is located in the Cantabrian town of Ajo. The beach is not particularly large, has about 300 meters, you can say it is a sort of cove.

The beach has all necessary access for the disabled and also offers rescue service during the summer.

Notably, being surrounded by cliffs is a beach that is protected from the wind. It is also highly recommended to go with kids especially if the tide is low, since pools where kids can have a good time are formed.

At low tide we can find a nice sand flanked by mountains and rocks on either side. Perfect for parents to rest a little while children jump in the pools and build sand castles.

Surf lovers are also in luck because just entering the ‘module-school’ surf Ajo is. A beautiful place to practice a sport that is increasingly fashionable.

Mirador del Alto de Ajo: In the CA-141 road between Argoños and Pontejos, we will find a beautiful gazebo next to the road, at kilometer 23. From there you can see the whole coast, because the height is enough like to see part of Ajo and Galizano.

Even you may get to see a little beach and the endless Cantabrian mountains.

Cabo de Ajo: is the northernmost coast of Cantabria out and one of the roughest.

It is located in the municipality of Bareyo, receiving the name of the capital thereof, Ajo. The cape is part of a Special Protection Area.

Due to its geographical position at the northernmost point of the mountain, he can see the bay of Santander west, the Ria de Castellanos east and south the Cantabrian mountain range. In Cape Ajo is Ajo lighthouse whose beam of light reaches 17 nautical miles.

We also want to emphasize that the beaches of the town are beautiful and whose terrain is rugged, are Special Protection Area and an ideal place to contemplate the landscape of a region that offers nature, adventure tourism, heritage and tradition. The mountain architecture Monumental Ajo creates a very attractive environment in northern Cantabria.

Among the activities that can be performed in the area include water sports, with prominence of surfing on the beaches of Cuberris and Antuerta. There is also a wide choice for sports on land and walking and hiking, riding and quads.

Its roads are among the best in the country

about 6 years ago, the president of Cantabria, Miguel Angel Revilla, inaugurated the third phase of the development works crossing Ajo, a work that marks a “before and after” in the town, with which the regional government continued its commitment to the road network which has made the Cantabrian roads in “the envy of Spain”.

Cantabrian Government recently announced it would invest 1.4 million euros in Guemes Ajo-road. As has been said, it is a much needed road, and for which compensation is one of the most pressing within the Autonomic Road Network.

This is an important project because we are talking about an investment of 1,400,000 euros to 2,200 kilometers. The project envisages substantial improvement in one of the routes of access to the most important coast in the area. With this work, the platform will reach 5.50 meters wide, and improving the intersection with the CA-447, the longitudinal and transverse drainage, pavement strengthening and horizontal signage, vertical, markings and systems containment vehicles.

Wide and imposing gastronomy

Undoubtedly the Spanish cuisine is one of the best, not only in Europe but throughout the world, and in this case Cantabria not escape that, because it provides a wide and impressive variety of dishes, among which we highlight:

Pies, kebabs, cooked chickpeas, cooked cabbage and beans, recognized grills meat, wild boar, roe deer, deer and ox. The popularity of livestock in the region and favorable weather for cattle breeding conditions allowed the European Union approved meat Cantabria as a protected designation for certain beef from the area races. The dishes made with fish and seafood, and cheeses of Cantabria, drinks and desserts are also one of the most recognized throughout the country and that make tourists and investors wishing to return and even stay there to live forever .

Last but not least we want to emphasize that its average annual temperature of 14 degrees Celsius is another reason that make Cantabria a spectacular area, especially for real estate investments, which are expected to keep rising in the remainder of the year.

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