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Inversiones inmobiliarias en Madrid

Best Investment in Spain advise the benefits of living in the capital of Spain are spacious, yes want to invest in Madrid, this is the information you were looking for. Costs, virtues, bids offered by the property market, and requirements that you need to account for everything to be in the best legal aspects that you need.
The 2016 comes loaded with a lot of consolidation and excellent land in the property market to Madrid. According to a report on trends which marks the new year for Europe, conducted by the consulting firm PwC and the Urban Land Institute, it is estimated that real estate in big cities like Madrid have good aspects.
Even Madrid is positioned, according to the report, in the fourth position more attractive to invest in this year sites.

Market context

2016 brand with good prognoses for economic and real estate development for Madrid. Bankinter since mid-2015 and estimated that this year the demand for properties in the capital of Spain is 420,000 households, considering that at least 70,000 to 80,000 are new houses. In addition to attractive to foreign investors who help the capital to pick up its economy considerably.
The capital of Spain has been a shelter for many foreigners, but mostly Europeans looking for a second home or vacation home have decided to invest their money there. Basicohomes According to a study, which was supported by responses from interviews with more than 14,000 potential buyers and over 1,000 buyers in 2015, 10.5% of total buyers in Spain represented the role of investors, with a capital minimum of about 69,784 euros.
Although foreign investors in Spain are the ones that stand out at this time in the housing market, some European countries are I highlighting mainly by the benefits that the climate of Madrid offers, in addition to low prices in the Spanish market compared to their home countries, caused by economic lethargy that Spain still lives.
However, economic analysts estimate that in 2016, the country’s situation is consolidated, especially by the revaluation of real estate and the number of buyers, mainly young and trainers home; Additional considerations credit and financing that banks now offer them in order to increase the market in Spain.

Madrid a growing city

An important point to consider is that in the last year 2015 more than 3000 companies of Catalan society decided to move their companies to Madrid. multinational, property, hotel subsidiaries, property developers, investment companies, and many more; This to a great strategic move caused by purchases that are now reflected in the capital, as well as fiscal arguments was due. Some of the renowned names of these companies are: the array of Agbar, hoteliers Jordi Clos and Pau Guardans, the French multinational Suez; but more than big names, the list is long is more than 3,100 companies basically unknown.
Many of these businesses announced their decision the result of the secessionist challenge of the Generalitat was, something has been making noise in recent years, especially in the capital of Spain, by improvements in fiscal and economic conditions. Among other factors, companies have lower personal income tax rates, lower taxes (ITP and AJD) that in Catalonia and Heritage or zero taxes on inheritance, and less obstacles regarding business development. However, this change of venue is not due only for economic or political issues, but also, in many cases, as in the energy sector, the sale of companies by sovereign funds led to make changes based the registered office.

Analysis of the housing market

On the other hand, Fernando Rodriguez de Acuna, director of projects specializing in analysis of the housing market, RR de Acuna & Associates company says that in Madrid, will increase housing prices in the most luxurious or consolidated areas and the greater availability of this 2016 as data giving increased between 3% and 5% increase.
You can invest in this city, have long-term vision is something that you should consider in your mind. Some of the factors that will benefit you when to buy and where to get selling are profitable housing, according to their location, for example, since, in case of buying to rent, this would be the greatest benefit that can get the property; but in a futuristic scenario, the appreciation of it is vital, especially for the aforementioned financial analysis of the increase over the years these will take in the city.
Another thing would be the types of homes that are more in demand in Madrid, such as, for example, type studio apartments by demand from foreigners or young students entrepreneurs seeking independence, or floors of minimum 100 m2 with 2 or 3 bedrooms.

Main areas of investment

Among the most luxurious residential areas of Madrid you will find: El Viso, Castilian, La Moraleja, Salamanca District, Puerta de Hierro, Pozuelo de Alarcon, Mirasierra, among others. House prices in these areas are up to 11,000,000 euros, but you can also find amazing homes 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, for example, 490,000 euros.

Flats in more accessible areas from 70 m2 to 83 m2, the minimum prices ranging from 70,000 euros to 116,000 euros. Considering areas which are good, with nice view and well located, we could put an average investment of about 700,000 euros.
When choosing where you want to buy, although prices can leave your standards, it is important not be swayed by monetary values, but as mentioned earlier, thinking long-term investment as the revaluation. It is best to choose quality and not quantity, provided it is within what you need.

Requirements to purchase

The Ministry of Development and the Association of Registrars of Property, created a document quite explicit information can be found on the website of the ministry. Here we mention some of the precautions and points to consider for secure housing in Spain.
This information is useful for domestic and foreign buyers you can also consult advisers like Panda Marketing . The first thing you possess are sure this series of certified documents to complete without problems buying a property in Spain:
• Building permit with their respective certification of a competent technician on reconciling the site and / or license approval by the City Council the project.
• License of first occupation of the building, as well as certificates that verify that the site is habitable.
• Receipts or newsletters that show subscriptions to companies of basic supplies
• Registration in the Land Registry, if this is a new work.
• Certificate of Land Registry to report on the legal status of housing.
• Community Statutes
In case of new construction, it is important to ask the promoter of the work of the Commercial Registry Certificate certifying the existence of the company as well as all relevant data.
In case of a resale home, it is important to have the receipt of the last annuity Property Tax, verified and signed by the president of the homeowners.
The Spanish government asks all these requirements in view to guarantee the buyer a good investment, which is why you are required to review in detail the legal situation, mortgage loads housing, go to the competent authorities for all kinds of inspection and information legal, and of course, updating housing data to already possess, like building housing his name in the title.
You should know that, according to Spanish law, the seller keeps full responsibility for any damage or concealed damage appearing after the sale, so that if housing does not meet the quality requirements of space livable interiors set by the entity legislative force, you, as a buyer, may waive the property or opt for a price reduction.
Even the Spanish law requires those responsible of the property, have some insurance or guarantee that in case of possible problems, can compensate the situation smoothly.

The attractions of the city of Madrid

Thanks to the growth that dictate analyzes of the real estate market, we can translate that Spain’s economy will soon resume its stability, moreover, that this increase can translate into a higher rate of employment, and marketing which, seeing the full level, this it will be a busy year in Madrid financial growth with which you can enter, even with low budget investor within the city market and bet that the flow of money will grow as the year progresses.
All this promises to Madrid, being the first major city to call marketing, to attract this year many foreigners with high purchasing willing to invest in the real estate market or simply invest in this city that, in spite of the lethargy that still suffering the country, now the numbers start to get positive and many will want to bring new companies to innovate in the market, especially to the capital of Spain which is being taken more into account by the amount of already present foreign investors who continue betting on this city.
An important detail is that Bankinter according to a report on trends in the property market in this 2016 sample based on the data obtained in 2015 the percentage of buying new homes in Madrid was 90% of nationalists. Now taking into account the statistics overall appearance showing the housing sector in the new year, and taking into account new forms of investment and access that banks are starting through financing and mortgage value, then this is a quite competitive to acquire good housing in the capital of Spain year.
One of the main issues that called attention to many is that they love the climate that Madrid offers, but what fascinates is the variety of sites that have to be known. Many residents say that they love the city is the diversity of locations that can meet, spend a day at one end, and the next in the other, although some complain about the price of metro, appreciate how functional it is the same .
Among the many things they can find to meet and spend the day in Madrid, these are some of the most popular and acclaimed by visitors and residents sites:
• Monastery and Royal Site of San Lorenzo del Escorial
• Madrid’s royal palace
• Retiro Park
• Plaza Mayor of Madrid
• Prado Museum
• Cultural Landscape of Aranjuez
• Castle of Manzanares el Real, among many others.
As if that were not enough, Madrid is the scene of many cultural events, concerts, dining, sports and more. There is always an event to attend and which recharge the energy or meet the general and avant-garde culture, which is ideal for investors looking for a new home in this city, offering a variety of events with which to promote family value.
One of the most renowned virtues of Madrid is its food, which many guests have recommended any of these restaurants:
 The tasqueria Javi Estevez
 Eiffel
 Alricht
 Maitia, and many more.
CONCLUSION quality of analysis and sites to take into account in this 2016 to invest, it seems that Madrid is one of the places most popular will and with much input from foreigners, which is important to you take into account the figures before you mention and not lose sight this city.
Seeing the panorama from the possible target point, the 2016 looks good investors in markets in Madrid, and you can not lose track of the real estate sector that is giving much talking between national and tourists.