5 Advantages of buying a property on the Costa del Sol

Beaches in Costa del Sol
Beaches in Costa del Sol

It is hard to find a place like south Andalusia where you can find a mix of excellent weather, golf luxury, and the best properties

Luxury, golf, beaches and excellent climate of Costa del Sol are all qualities known worldwide, and therefore is one of the most popular across Europe tourism and real estate destinations. It is for this reason that many people choose the region to acquire a property in order to use it for holiday seasons and place to let the rest of the year, to have a retirement home after retirement in their country of origin or mode investment, buying and then reselling in the future at a better price.
Whatever the reason, buying a property on the Costa del Golf, is presented as one of the best options in terms of real estate worldwide. Whether it is for a family who want to spend their summers and holidays in the Mediterranean coast, a couple of workers who are looking for a property to retire and have the facilities to relax with all services by hand and with daily airport connections to your country or simply a businessman who has discovered an excellent investment opportunity in Marbella or any of the surrounding areas.
The properties here are achieved with a large range of variety and price, so that there is always a property that meets your requirements, but we must emphasize that the Costa del Sol is different from other tourist sites in Spain for its luxury and exclusivity.
The proximity to the countries of origin of investors, has also been an influential factor for Europeans make their real estate investment in the Malaga Coast. By plane, you can easily reach the region in less than 2 hours at airports major European cities like London, Paris, Rome or Frankfurt.

5 Advantages of buying
5 Advantages of buying

1. The best climate in the Mediterranean

If something is famous for Europe in the world are its low temperatures, especially the Nordic countries, England or Russia where most of the year regardless of season very cold temperatures. Many locals seek later this freezing weather in search of warmer and where there is also a chance to cool off in the waters of the Mediterranean temperatures. The Costa del Sol has 300 sunny days a year, averaging a temperature of 19 ° C, so there can be no more contrary to European countries in climate refers environment.

2. Luxury and the best shopping

Something that has always done highlight the Costa del Sol real estate over other destinations in Spain or Europe has been elegance. For this reason, to Marbella come together celebrities, movie stars, socialites, European aristocracy, and even the kings of Spain and Saudi Arabia have properties in this region and eventually spend their summers here. So if what you want is an autograph, you do not have to go to Los Angeles to search for artists but come in summer to Marbella.
The biggest fashion brands the world like Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Hermes have their shops in Puerto Banus. The same applies to restaurants and clubs where artists and celebrities share the music of the most famous DJ`s of the music scene in places like Olivia Valere, Pangea, Cavalli, Seven, Tibu, among others.

2. The best beaches in Europe

Tourists are fans going to the beach for sunbathing and activities and beach sports. The Costa del Sol has an impressive 23 beaches along 27 km of coastline are bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, it should be noted that in all there are 7 beaches with blue flags, an international standard to indicate the excellent quality water, services, and meeting a range of environmental conditions and facilities. This is one of the main reasons why foreigner come and buy a villa or an apartment in Marbella or its surroundings. Among the most important beaches in the region they are:

– Bounty Beach
It is perfect for relaxing and also its location is very convenient as it is close to the city. Chill out music features, and prices of services are quite accessible.

Bounty Beach in Marbella
Bounty Beach in Marbella

– Nikki Beach
His name has become famous worldwide as synonymous with celebration and fun, and this tradition is still maintained today, with champagne and some of the best beach parties to which it can assist in Spain.

– Playa Nagüeles
It is distinguished by its exclusivity and golden and clean sands, is located in the Golden Mile and is visited by the rich and famous, and there are the most expensive restaurants and clubs most important beach in Marbella, there may also be cycling along the promenade and rent yachts for the day.

– Playa El Cristo
This small beach, about 600 meters long by 30 meters wide is one of those with a higher level of occupancy during weekends in the summer, but on weekdays it’s pretty quiet.
Blue Flag and is very nice because it is a cove that protects it from the winds, especially the lift which is quite annoying in the area. The water is very clean and quite warm, no rocks or stones, but as in all malacitana coast, the sand is dark but fine. It has a wooded area, for those seeking shade.

– Beach Casasola
This beach is next to the watchtower Isdabe neighborhood is without a beach promenade, or road to reach the beach. You can only access it from one of the hotels that are walking the beach or from one of the private houses with beach access. Great for walking, with dunes, and to see some spectacular sunsets.

3. Gastronomy

This region because of its location, which manages to combine mountain with sea makes its gastronomy is also based on these characteristics. That is why as the main ingredients of their dishes, venison, rabbit and pork are both yes and seafood delicacies and seafood.
For the type of public visiting this location has made it a cosmopolitan cuisine that stands out throughout Europe and that has nothing to envy of any large city. Also notable is the influence of immigrants and people of different nationalities that live here.
The typical dishes are the sausages water, pork, lamb, rabbit and partridge stew, paella, oxtail, beef tenderloin marinated or grilled and seafood zarzuela.

4. Excellent opportunity in the real estate market

The second province of increased purchases by foreign citizens in Spain is Malaga, where the Costa del Sol is located with a total of 4,739 properties, only in the first quarter of 2014, and this is a recovery process that started from the year 2012.
Increases were seen in both the number of purchases and the number of sales, which have increased by 28% and 2.2% respectively in the region. This trend is expected to continue in the coming years, mainly in shopping, while prices may continue rising but not at such a rapid pace.
The trend for price increases this year, is expected to continue according to Ignacio Acosta Sorge, where in 2015 there were increases of up to 15% in the most demanding areas such as Madrid, Barcelona and Marbella, mainly in the areas of greater luxury and exclusivity. By 2016, although it is expected that the trend is positive, the increase is not thought to be so abrupt, and it is estimated that this between 3% and 5%, however, may be higher in coastal areas such as the Costa del Sol, where you can produce up to 10% increase.
Among the causes attributed to the increase in real estate activity in the region is the fact that banks have made easier the process of obtaining credit, which in general terms to foreign buyers can get mortgages for 20 years interest rates up to 2.75%. This has aroused the interest of many buyers interested in Marbella and its surroundings were a while ago, but they have after the fall in prices during the housing crisis, and with these banking facilities, they determined to make the decision to buy a property in the region, which many real estate analysts, is considered as a safe investment.

5. Extra earnings and great vacations

Buying a property is always an investment, but when it comes to a beach house could say it is even better, and if it is in Marbella are sure that there will be no reason to repent.
Marbella is an area that is presenting a major expansion as a result of foreign investment, and soon its evolution will reach another level from extending their dock that will allow the arrival of major cruise thanks to this their own authorities have stated that Marbella it is the second leading city in Spain economic growth.
Marbella Being an expanding area, prices are likely to rise in a few years when the market demand prevails, another powerful motive that tells you to buy in Marbella is the best investment.

Beach Properties in Costa del Sol
Beach Properties in Costa del Sol

Another useful option you could consider is renting your home for periods, this lets you hundreds of extra euros you could use for maintenance, utilities cancel or cover other expenses.
Even when you reach old age and choose not to work more could comfortably live off the income, but that you know how to invest, Marbella offers an excellent of properties choices for this; it will always be attractive for its location and its steady growth continuously attract Spanish or any part of the world tourists.
Having a beach house you can go during weekends, days off or definitely spend your entire vacation there. You no longer have to pay expensive hotels or having to go through the complicated management search rooms, reserve and even prepaying for your own home on the beach just you have to worry about carrying keys.
Even if you love the idea of ​​being constantly going to Marbella, you could end up living up unexpectedly as many people end up doing after buying a house in Spain.

Written by: CAPD
Words: 2023
Contribution to reader: To review the main attractions and advantages that have to invest in the Costa del Sol, whether its beaches, luxury or excellent time the housing market.

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